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June 04 2014

Clark Gregg on Agents of SHIELD Season Two. Gregg briefly discusses what season two will be about, season one's airing schedule, and a possible airing schedule for next year.

Argh forgot to post this last nite. What I find interesting is the split ratio on episodes. Given that Fall episodes invariably
(in the US) get higher ratings than those in the spring it should have been well nigh irresistible to go with 12 in the Fall
and yet they didn't. Of course it could be that fall story just works better with 10 eps as well.

My best guess is a return on 9/30 which avoids the 2 hour premiere of the Voice on the 23nd. Then a solid run thru 12/9
with Nov 4th off for election coverage.

In the original interview on this located at
Clark mentioned that there was serious exhaustion at the end of shooting.

edit: calendar challenged by 1 day.

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No real spoilers here so I took the tag off.
Airing 12 in a row would require the show to start in early September or late August, which is earlier than ABC's other scheduled shows. Adding 3 episodes to the end of the initial 9 would mean you run the risk of losing audience through Thanksgiving week and the week after, when audiences are traveling or are recovering from the holiday.
I think it will start 9/23 (it's on Tuesdays, JDL) and run straight through to 12/2 taking off 11/4. then Agent Carter starts 1/6 and runs through 2/24. AoS comes back 3/3 and runs straight through 12 eps to 5/19

So there may be a total of 5 weeks off in November and December in the US if you are trying to predict the UK premiere.
Ninja report you lost me. A 12 episode straight run would start 9/16 not late Aug/early Sept. Although if you conclude it earlier than 12/9 that of course would require an earlier start.

As to your second point I can't see it and tbh I'm a little foncused. Firstly they are doing 10 not 9. Second why would showing new episodes after mid November (which is start of the Holidays) lose audience ?

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December is death for ratings, JDL. Always has been, always will be. Travel, parties, winter outages, school plays, etc. all impact negatively what they call HUT levels (the amount of people with TVs who even have the damn thing on to start with) in December.
IrrationaliTV is there a reason why they would premiere against the Voice on the 23rd ? That seems like a guaranteed lower rating although at least there's no NCIS-original at 9.

And thanks for the heads up on calendar guff. I corrected my original post.
IrrationaliTV I know that ratings die in December but I always thought it was not really pronounced until about 2 weeks before Christmas. Hmm my age might be showing here as I am a boomer.

If that's the case then it makes sense to end the run on 12/1 and that would push the start date to the 23rd of Sept.
JDL, The Voice is 2 hours on Monday 9/22 and one hour at 8 on 9/23, AoS would premiere at 9 on 9/23 and not be opposite the Voice at all.

No, I'm wrong. I just checked NBC's press release. If AoS premieres on 9/23 it would be up against the 4th hour of The Voice to air that week. Maybe they (ABC) are betting that after the demise of X-Factor and the free fall in viewership of Idol people are finally getting sick of these god awful singing competitions. I certainly hope so.

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JDL - Sorry, I meant 10 episodes but my brain made me write 9. My point still stands, though. Airing 12 (like you suggested) would mean a premiere date far earlier than typical. People are pretty much conditioned to expect TV back in late September, and it's unusual to premiere a lot earlier or a lot later (for instance, Constantine isn't premiering until late October now). If you started on 9/16, you would only be able to run 11 straight.

As far as holidays being bad for ratings, shows stop airing new episodes up to the week of Thanksgiving itself and avoid airing a new episode the week after. And then holiday shopping starts to really get going and people have less time for TV in general and some shows just go on hiatus until after the new year.
IrrationaliTV You and I are in sync on these stupid singing shows. They need to go and given whats happened lately they seem to be fading. Since I can remember earlier passes at this sort of stuff in the competition genre I am somewhat amazed they came back. What we need is a good results fixing scandal. Where's Jack Barry and Charles Van Doren when you really need them ?

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I don't know much about ratings patterns, but my initial thought was that 12 episodes in Spring would more easily make the show last up to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will presumably be built into the plotline in some way.

What Clark Gregg says makes me even more excited about Season 2. I mean, it was already about a group of people living on a plane. Now it's 'lo-fi', 'back to the basics' and 'your group is outlawed'? I wonder if fuel and Bus maintenance will become a problem.

(Oh wait, how silly of me, but this is nothing like Firefly! This series actually has aliens.)
Ninja last year every broadcast network show I looked at in the 2 weeks following TG aired one new show. It eerily looked like they came to a gentleman's agreement since they were evenly split every place I looked. The ratings while weaker than before TG will still be better than May imo.

I don't think that 12 fall eps is a necessarily good idea. In fact I think its one of those bad ideas that are almost irresistible and I applaud ABC for not going that way. Besides I see the Fall as finding how to survive as a functioning entity and the Spring with AV2 coming up as a chance to do something more meaningful.
@Bluelark, my thoughts exactly on fuel for the bus. And it has that big target, er, SHIELD logo painted on top. Also, are there enough secret bases with copies of Patton Oswalt to provide support and cover for the bus? Are those lanyards really lo-tech enough for the new lo-tech SHIELD?
Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that Patton Oswalt could play a big role in supporting them. For fuel, I've tried to tell myself that maybe they're solar-powered or something. Otherwise this series must have the biggest in-universe carbon footprint ever. I also hope we'll get to see them spending more time in the Bus. It doesn't quite feel like home yet, and I really want it to.
SHIELD didn't "go green" with the helicarriers until The Winter Soldier, so it probably wouldn't care about the insane amounts of fuel to keep a big plane in the air.
Hopefully they start the new season cruising around in their brand spanking new Winnebago! Jaws would hit the floor. :)

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The most important thing he said, I think, is that the show will be "darker" in that timeslot, like "Marvel needs to be."

Is there really a big difference in how dark you can be an hour later?

[ edited by Squishy on 2014-06-05 00:55 ]
About the same difference you see between a 10pm network show and a 10pm basic cable show but not as much as you would see between a network show and premium cable. It's all shades of gray. :)
Squishy-A bit more blood/gore, more use of network-acceptable swear words and it's less "controversial" to have sex scenes at 9 PM as opposed to 8 which is still somewhat considered the "family TV hour".
It will be interesting to see if the new time slot affects the content, and if it becomes at all more adult-oriented. I alternated a lot this year between Buffy/angel and shield, and it was sometimes jarring how much more "mature" the formers were. Of course, then game of thrones would come on. Perhaps Shield should make the jump to hbo.
It will be interesting to see if the new time slot affects the content, and if it becomes at all more adult-oriented.

Yes. It is perceived as a family-friendly show. Much in the same way as Doctor Who. I think it would be a shame to lose that perception all together.
I'm conflicted on my feelings regarding "family-friendly" TV. I love Doctor Who but I think some of the worst episodes were in direct service to being "family-friendly." I think you can be friendly to children while presenting entertainment that appeals to adults but it requires expertise to not make it silly.
I'm not sure if Doctor Who is still targeted for children, off course there is same goofy spots and travestys but mostly it seems aimed at the older fans.

but it requires expertise to not make it silly.
And the same expertise is needed to do kids silly that appeals to adults, as in the Gravity Falls cartoon.

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