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June 04 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #3. Victor Gischler's tale continues.

Okay, I know I'm lazy but I'm just going to copypaste my slayalive post.

I kinda liked it, actually.

The Faith storyline was spot-on. I know things are a bit similar to the S9 Guarded arc, but this time I think the whole "working in a big company" thing has been rendered better. We get to see nice dialogue sessions between Kennedy and Faith as they explore the notion of compromise in this type of job. Plus, things actually happen in the Deepscan headquarters. Better for immersion, if we can say so.

As for the Angel storyline ... Well, it lacked some mystery in the immediate problem he has to deal with (the Harry Potter-y pixies) but creates a great tension when it comes to Nadira. What are her powers like ? Is she really someone Angel can trust ? I loved their moments together as Gishler and Conrad managed to give an ambiguous feeling to her character. I really hope she sticks around this season, she looks just too awesome. Too bad Pearl who's on the cover art turrned out to be this issue's cliffhanger. Spoileeeers. I wouldn't have seen that one coming, at least not so early.

The artwork was great this time. I thought issue 1 was not as good-looking as I expected it to be, issue 2 was handled better and issue 3 is once again an improvement over the previous comic.

So in the end, I liked it but I'm still doubtful about the upcoming issues' quality. This is when the pacing choice starts to become a real problem. If Faith quits her job soon to join Angel, I'd have the feeling that her arc is indeed a remake of Guarded and that we had tons of missed opportunities. If she chooses to keep doing her job, well ... I'm afraid the pacing's gonna exhaust me. At the moment, I just think giving Angel and Faith their own books seemed better. If they get back together at the end of #5 (which is my first bet), then I hope the Buffyverse writers will still have something to do with Deepscan. I think it's way too big to only deal with it in a lacklustre S9 storyline and in 5 season 10 half-issues.
Dark Horse probably decided that having three separate Buffyverse books running simultaneously would have been too much of a resource hog and spread the audience too thin. But yes, it's going to be kind of awkward if those two are going to remain in completely separate and unrelated storylines.
Yeah, I think you're right ! I'd also say that they've experimented a new format during season 9 - 2 main titles coexisting simultaneously + minis - to obtain a hit and miss result. I think having only Buffy + A&F is a way of saying "Hey, we've tried something new during S9 with a few hiccups, now we'll only have two titles to remain entirely focused all along and to have more solid crossover effects".

For the moment, it quite works.
I'm happy with the two stories running independently for a while and waiting to see how/when/why they merge again. I'm still really enjoying the tone WC and VG are creating in London in particular. It was a good enough issue but probably the weakest so far as it was somewhat of a filler with nothing new/unexpected happening in it really. I hope we don't keep having the final page spoiled in solicitations or in the artwork as the last BtVS one and now this A&F one have been.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 3,"Where The River Meets The Sea Part III."

Not a bad issue.A little slower then the first two but that can happen sometimes in the middle issue of a arc.I thought the Faith side of the story was a little stronger with her screwing up and the conversation with Kennedy afterwards.What does Faith want does seem to be the big question.Also interesting how other slayers view the A list like Faith and Buffy.The Angel side of the issue continues the slow burn aspect of what's going on in Magic Town.I still don't have a good bead on what's Nadira's deal is but I don't think Angel does either.The Pearl reveal at the end of course wasn't a surprise.

Not a bad issue.

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I like how in a storyline heavy on the metaphor of two bodies of water converging, every month we get comments that don't assume Angel and Faith are reuniting by the end of it.
I'm also happy with them prolonging the separation of the leads in theory, as long as they give me other relationships to get involved with in the meantime.

Question - When we get the close-up of Faith hearing that 'A list slayers don't play well with others'. Were we to understand that Faith liked hearing that she was A-list? I had a problem understanding what the artist was going for.

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I think she liked hearing that she "doesn't play well with others" because it gave her some clarity on what she wants to do.
I took her as slightly raising her eyebrow to it, in either a partly amused way or possibly in an 'oh really' kind of way. I do think it will have pressed the point to her as to whether she wants to conform, not just to the bureaucracy of business but generally even within a group of slayers who aren't being slayers.
I don't think Slayers working for demons is where Faith is going to want to go. It is kind of the ultimate sell-out.
Another great issue - definitely a slower mid-arc issue, but that's ok. They always work better when the arc is done. So here are my thoughts:

LOVE the “BUCKARRGGH” cry from Billy Rage in his Foghorn Leghorn form. Reminded me of the Giant Chicken from Family Guy:) I laughed so much:)

I liked that Faith had a sword on her…guns and slayers (proper slayers) just don’t mix.

I really want to know who is speaking to Nadira! It seems benevolent but part of me doesn’t trust the voices. There is a possibility that it is Cordy talking to her (still guiding Angel through visions, but through a new host), but maybe that’s a ling shot.

On a fun geographical note - one page 8 we see in the 1st panel just to the right of Angel’s head a sign for Stirling Ackroyd. That is a real business in Hackney (Magic Town). And there actually is a Glass Works on the edge of Hackney although it is called Haggerston Glassworks and not Ajax as in the comic. Fun though:)

Continuing the return to Angel Season 1 aesthetic we have a return Return abandoned warehouses. I missed those:) I remember David Greenwalt talking about how hard it was to film different warehouses and make them look interesting, so as the show went on the moved away from that. Nice to see a return to it here

Love The Glassblower design - I wonder could they have pulled that off in the show? Probably not at that scale, but he reminded me a little of Balthazar from Buffy season 3.

Yes the dialogue in this scene was a little obviously info dump, but i loved the way it was done on the page. The whole sequence was quite creepy.
So the bottles are being made especially to hold the magic. Still not sure where the magic is coming from, or why it is in that state, or what is is being collected for. Maybe they are trying to turn everyone back to the way they were? But if Corky is more powerful now as a pixie maybe he wouldn’t want to go back to what he was?

Another window that Angel is thrown out of. How many has that been over course of the TV series and comics? Ouch.

I liked the little mislead when Tricia the demon came in. The humans looked like they were uncomfortable with her, but they proved to be welcoming. At least Nadira is having a good influence in that respect.

Good to see Brandt again, although it was only for one page. So word of Nadira is spreading.
I loved the detail of Angel having no reflection in the glass when he and Brandt are walking side by side. It’s only a small detail, but a lot of Angel’s vampirism was lost by the end of the show. For the 1st 2 seasons we had the mirror thing a lot, as well as having to be invited in, but there was less emphasis on that as time went on. It’s nice to see it again.

Angel FINALLY notices the people pouring the liquid into the bottles. Jeez:)

A lot of humans seem to be helping Corky. And most of them seem young. I wonder if they want to be transformed too? Is that why the magic is being collected? How many humans have stayed in Magic Town for that matter, and what percentage of the population were turned?

Although it was spoiled on the cover, it was still a good reveal for Pearl. And she seems a lot more powerful. So the theory that she would have taken on her brother’s power seems to be right. This will be a messy fight, and not going to be easy to beat a super-powered Pearl. I have a feeling next issue will be a bit of a bloodbath for Angel.
Now we get to the question of whether the magically transformed people in Magic Town should be called "demons" or not. We don't really know the exact nature of the transformation, but they seem to just be human beings changed into a different form and often given magical powers. There doesn't seem to be any external entity involved, or any change to the person's soul.

"Mutants" would probably be the best thing to call them, although I'm sure that wouldn't be appreciated by the people themselves (except maybe for the Marvel Comics fans among them).
I asked about this in the SlayAlive Q&A VG did, whether the magical creatures are souled mutated humans, if some/all had become inherently 'other' or even classed as demonic. VG opted for all of the above to cover some things they perhaps hadn't thought of yet and also pointed out that various people and creatures will be drawn there too.
I'm loving Buffy Season Ten, but it's too early to say about the direction of Angel & Faith. This first arc doesn't seem to have a clear path forward. Angel is just meandering through town going from one lead to the next (I'm not even sure if he has a mission). Obviously something is going to bring Angel and Faith back together again. I hope we see more Buffyverse cameos in the near future as well. I really want to see Lorne again (although his fate was left TBA in the IDW Angel comics- but those has not been confirmed canon).
I liked it well enough, but the local colour in the Magic Town sections is getting increasingly inaccurate. Magic Town often does look like Hackney, but the names, appearance and speech patterns for its denizens are all a little off ("Parker", "Brandt", "lot of folks" etc.etc.).

DH might consider getting a Londoner in to comment on the scripts and to make some art suggestions too. Or they should at least have the Angel & Faith team binge-watch the Inbetweeners.
dr_atalanta, I'm absolutely with you on that. Hackney is just up the road from me and it has a particular feel to it. I wouldn't mind if the location wasn't seemingly of increasing import this season.
PEarl was an expected unexpected, sort of.

I still think it's weird that NAdira's prothetics end in a permanent boot instead of a replacemnt foot. And I'm not just "being me" here; that will make it harder for her too walk normally.

The Glassblower; a good id4ea, although I got tired of the stylistic convention of Powerful Beings Who Address Everyone As An Enemy back in the '60s.

I think Faith's reaction was largely a smile of priode at being called an A-lister, mixed with other feelings of course.

I like how Kennedy was drawn this issue, specifically her coloring. I know Iyari doesn't look like that, but I'm glad Kennedy's Hispanic ancestry is finally settled in canon.
I've worked in Hackney a few times, so I know the area well enough.

I think in A&F it's almost a ghost town. The only humans we have seen are the ones hiding with Nadira, the old man by the Glassworks and the youths that are collecting the magic for Corky.

I think most others would have left, so a lot of businesses are closed down and a lot of home empty, except for the mutated humans.
Are the authorities preventing people from leaving Magic Town, I wonder? I don't quite understand why people are hiding out with Nadira instead of just going somewhere else.

Has Kennedy's Latina ethnicity been settled in canon? I always assumed she was. I'd just like to know what her last name is.
Is Rutger a nod to Mr. Hauer?

Maybe people were given a choice - they could leave Magic town and be rehoused, or stay. I'm presuming the majority of (still) humans left. Those that didn't had no place to go. A lot seem homeless.

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