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June 05 2014

15 problems only people from Sunnydale will understand. "Come for the weather, slay for the friends."

My fav:
5. Being excited for Halloween, then remembering the possibility of actually becoming whatever it is you dressed as.

Which Oz solved easily.

9. Always being wary of people who insist on being invited in.

Really, if this happen here I still will be carefull.

10. The sad fact that when someone you know dies, there’s a 50/50 chance they will come back from the dead.

I never understood why the gang didn't simply spread out chopsticks in the funerary houses and mortuaries and explaine how to do little insertios in the hearts. This would made night cemetery patrols a lot easier.
I am totally blanking on what episode had a theme park.
Me too, swanjun. But what always got me was that Sunnydale was big enough for a UC campus, but apparently only had three bars.
"Seeing Red" The Trio robs an armored car at an amusement park.
Isn't an amusement park where Glory fed on Tara's brain in Tough Love? Or was that a fair?
edcsLover9 : that was at a multicultural festival, held in an open space with booths, either a city park or a "yard" on the college campus, depending on who was sponsoring it.
Oh, right, the robbery. Well, at least that was for the park's opening day, so clearly Sunnydale hadn't been supporting it all those years.

A zoo of that size is probably the most problematic.
Season 5, episode 8 "Shadow" had Dawn and Riley eating ice-cream near a carousel. Anyways, I always thought it was weird that their was a beach and forest in Sunnydale (Buffy vs Dracula and Go Fish had the beach and Bargaining part 1 and 2, Phases, etc for forest). For a city with one Starbucks, they sure had a lot of diversity. But than again, I live in a one Starbucks town, and we have Bart, train stations, an airport, a hospital on the borderline, and more schools (k-12, no colleges) than cemeteries.
Always being wary of people who insist on being invited in.

I won't lie, this may have illogically factored into why when I was in dorms I always insisted on getting up to answer the door myself, rather than just shouting "Come in!" like everyone else. And then I remembered that this was how you get killed by the Gentlemen. You can never be safe...
they implied many times that other towns were fairly close, and by itself Sunnydale was just barely under 40K, so a case could be made. Of course, I don't know how far apaprt towns are in So-Cal.
The forest/beach combo is actually pretty plausible for SoCal. I seem to recall that Sunnydale was based on Santa Barbara (loosely, of course; everyone knows the main North American Hellmouth is in Cleveland) and that's a fairly narrow town between the ocean and the hills. So the sea is close in one direction and the trees are close in the other. I think there's an airport, too. But I don't know about a train station ("Crush") or a working seaport ("Surprise").

And the more I think about it, the town I went to college in was a little under 40,000 people, and it only had two bars that I ever saw.
Fun link. Also if it's based on Santa Barbara, they have an airport, train station, colleges,zoo, mountains pretty close, beach but no amusement park. Although they probably have traveling fairs that bring rides. I am also pretty sure they have more than one starbucks.

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