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June 05 2014

Spooked Ep. 1 Featuring Dichen Lachman, Ashley Johnson, EP Felicia Day. The first episode of Geek & Sundry's new scripted series "Spooked," features Dichen Lachman and Ashley Johnson.

The Paranormal Investigation Team encounter a poltergeist haunting the newlyweds: Donna Johnson and, of course, Carol-Anne...

Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, comprised of their leader Connor (Julian Curtis), occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson), tech aficionado Lindsey (Neil Grayston), fanboy Elliot (Derek Mio) and their secret weapon Piper (Shyloh Oostwald) who can actually talk to ghosts.

Unfortunately, I didn't tought it was funny. But, a bright side spoiler: The last scenes of Dichen were cute.
Same here ! I was globally disappointing even though it's always cool to see Dichen Lachman and Ashley Johnson...
I really liked it. I especially like Derek Mio, thought he was great.
I rather liked it. It suffered from some of the typical foibles of a pilot, but the general tenor of the thing was promising. And, while watching it, I had a good time and cared. The actress playing the young girl seemed a bit stiff (she always looked like she was acting, and trying), but she certainly looked the part and could blossom. Ashley Johnson is rather splendid all round and I hope to see very much more of her in the future. And Dichen Lachman is very good, as is much of the cast.

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