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"But you've never fought me."
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June 05 2014

Clark Gregg's AMA on Reddit. This event came up for 'Trust Me' but was mostly about AoS.

Clark's awesome. Some of his answers had me laughing hysterically. Especially the one about his action figure.
There's a lot of awesomeness condensed in there, but I thought his comment on Mel Gibson was the classiest and most appropriate tightrope walk I've read in a while.
I don't think I'm even half way through the AMA but OMG what he said about Season 2 and the cards! If that means what I think that means, it'll be awesome or we will be left underwhelmed because we were waiting for it for so long. I'm voting for awesome.
What had me snickering was the one about taking his daughter Trick or Treating several years back. Has to rank in the top 10 of best Daddy moments ever.
I'm not sure that qualifies him on best Daddy moments ever, since he was amazing with random kids, not with his daughter. He seems to be be a very cool dad, however, and his daughter also have the luck to be the niece of Ferris Bueller.
"Question: How can I be as awesome as you?"

Clark's response: "I don't want to disillusion you, but there's an extremely strong change that you already ARE." (Emphasis in the original!)

I love this man.

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