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June 06 2014

The Buffy scene in 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Author John Green was asked about it recently, and he said "That was a very smart decision from [director] Josh [Boone] to make a subtle comment about fandom. Because that could have been anything, and Josh was very smart it to make it Buffy and Angel. Josh is such a genius".

Huh, I figured it was serving the same purpose a 300 and V For Vendetta did in the source material, where (SPOILERS) it reflects on Gus' own fetishization of self-sacrifice for a greater cause, with Buffy being the martyr figure here due to both of her willing deaths.
I have read three of Green's books and TFIOS really stands out as the best. Loved it. Green himself seems like a very interesting and terrific guy. That said, it appears from the interview that he had very little to do with the Buffy reference here.
That's cool to see a Buffy scene in a film. Can't believe 'Surprise' was almost 17 years ago.
I just saw the film, and I really didn't think the footage stood for anything blunt, meaning wise. Especially not about fandom. Both Hazel and Gus are passionate about what they like, and then later they're seen watching Buffy together. I guess you could conclude that one of them is into that specific fandom? XD Oh well. I just thought it was cool to see Buffy thrown in there. I wonder how many audience members will actually recognize it though. hmm.

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