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June 08 2014

Neil Patrick Harris wins a Tony. A clip of Neil engaging the audience, including Samuel L. Jackson, in a Tony perfomance of Hedwig can be found here.

I really think you are burying the lead with this heading. The more important story is that NPH won a Tony. This fantastic achievement is not deserving of the afterthought, "also won a Tony." It's like saying, "Adele performed Skyfall at the Academy Awards!!! (Oh, and she won an Oscar, too.)"

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Also, this link about NPH's Tony win focuses on him, and the process he went through to create the roll of Hedwig.
FWIW Neil's performance occurred before his win, so I'm guessing this Whedonesque entry was created pre-win, then edited to add in the win.
And here's the performance.

"It's called a 'car wash'."
@floofypooh I changed out the link to the more NPH focused link because I agree with you. As for burying the lede, if the Whedonesque editors have problem with it they can change it. For me, being able to see someone perform out weighs a news item that can be seen in any news feed.
@shadowquest the vulture article included the video in the link. It took a while to load for me but it worked. Did it not work for you?

@olaf thanks for the support but it wasn't. I missed the Harris performance and saw it after the fact through the vulture post. I still feel the way I posted it is justified (see logic in response to floofypooh) then again that is up to whedonesque admins.
I've swooped the links around.
Tausif I have videos blocked because I got tired of the automatic ones on Huffington Post - apparently that works for any video in an article; I've had trouble w/videos on other sites. I copied the link & opened it in Internet Explorer but the vid was only 44 seconds long. The YouTube video I linked to was the whole performance; if the Vulture video is full-length then I'll remove my post w/apologies.
The Vulture one is the full video. I don 't think you have to delete your comment because some people might prefer that one.
Simon the link to the vulture article was not working so I fixed it.
Congrats to NPH on the Tony and an amazing performance!

I was a bit uncertain that I would like his piece as I never heard it before and I'm dicey on rock musicals - but he won me over.

Of course he did.
He's my Dr. H.
It was so much fun to see him win, and to see the performance! Counting the days til I get to see it!
Quite an amazing performance and well deserved reward. The stamina alone that was demonstrated by both him and Hugh Jackman was amazing.

Now he's got to get Joss do part 2 (and possibly 3) of Dr. Horrible and bring the whole shebang to Broadway.

Joss should have plenty of time to do that. He doesn't have anything else going on does he?
Congratulations to Neil! Truely wonderful!
Long overdue, and well deserved!
That's quite a clip! This isn't my genre of musical, really, but... I'd like to see that show. There's a film of this musical, albeit without Mr. Harris, so perhaps I should check that out. And congratulations to the wonderful Neil Patrick Harris on the Tony.
Wow, what a performance! Thank you so much for posting (we were watching Cosmos, so missed it).
The man just has so much talent!! I saw the performance on the show, but I fell asleep before he was awarded the Tony. So I was happy to hear today that he won.

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