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June 10 2014

(SPOILER) Caveat emptor - Avengers: Age of Ultron early story details revealed. Latino Review has info on the first 15 to 20 minutes of the movie.

How often is Latino Review actually accurate in their reports? They seem to almost always be the leading source for rumors like this, but I haven't seen proof of their track record.
They are pretty good. Much to Marvel's chagrin.

(There was a rumour that Kevin Feige ordered the IM3 post-credits sequence to be completely changed 'cause Latino Review scooped it)
Google tells me that Latino Review's reports are 'accurate' just enough of the time to keep people coming back for more. But they also release just as many inaccurate reports (if not more so). I would take this report with a grain of salt.

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Hmm, I really wanna read this. But do I REALLY wanna read it?
Latino Review can be hit and miss.When they hit,they really hit and are the first to break big news but they do miss at times too.
Well ... It seems ... Errr ... Interesting ?

The first action sequence seems cool but I really don't know what to think about the rest.
All sounds likely, and yes, Latino Review has a pretty solid track record, been reading them for years.
Well, so far their track record with the new Star Wars has been dismal, so, grain of salt.
This has been quite a day for unofficial leaks. At least Joss won't have to worry about 4 episodes worth of spoilers coming out early like the Legend of Korra today.
Yeah, I'll skip this .... because:

1) Latino Review is wrong as often as they are right so there's a good chance the "scoop" is at least partially misguided

2) The website's correspondent took to twitter with a series of "screw the man" type bravado which I find kind of unseemly. Rather not support that

3) I've learned that, with the allowance of seeing the trailer, I enjoy movies more going in cold. I can always go back and read all the sneak preview stuff later if I enjoyed it
I don't know what to make of this article. I suspect there's truth in it but I am not sure how much. I don't know if I'm a fan of the story line that they discussed but I might be because it would be from Joss.

Really I just want everyone to leave Joss et al alone so this monster gets finished and maybe, just maybe we (he?) can move on to or talk about other things.

(Yes, seeing NPH sing and dance had me pining again for that which shall not be named)

I may also have traditional super hero burnout.
Even if this scoop were 100% accurate today, it might be rather less accurate by the time the movie rolls around.

Anyone remember the trailers for Avengers? The first one, that is? In the trailer Coulson asks Fury, "What do we do, sir?" And Fury says, "We get ready." Which was how that scene was going at the time the trailer was made. But by the time the actual movie came out, Joss had axed Fury's line.

We're a long way from the premiere, and I expect Joss will be tinkering the whole way, so accuracy in scooping the filming is not accuracy in scooping the film.
I read it (I'm terrible at stopping myself on stuff like this). What I'll say is that parts of it just didn't really ring true to where we left the characters. I could see the characters getting where they described them, but not in 20 minutes. There's a chance it's real, but reading it made me doubt its veracity.
@PaperSpock: But I could see Joss spending the first 20 minutes setting up their situation "now", and then the following 20 minutes showing the trail from how they got from the first Avengers movie to "now" (which are at least months apart, if not a year or two).
yeah @onetv I agree.

But reading this made up my mind. It is now less than a year a way. This will be my final conscious spoilering. here's hoping I don't fall off the wagon.

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