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June 12 2014

Orphan Black's Jordan Gavaris - "I learned to talk by watching Joss Whedon". Jordan talks to about his collection of Buffy shooting scripts and dancing with Joss at Nerd HQ.

Jordan would have been around 8 or 9 when Buffy started on TV so maybe a bit young at the time for it, but it is interesting to see it had such an effect on him. And a few Buffyverse actresses have tweeted about their love of OB so it's kind of full circle.

I'm sure Joss is used to fans vomiting emotionally all over him by now.
I love this show! Not only because Tatiana Maslany is amazing (in fact, all the actors, Jordan included, are fantastic), but because like Buffy and Dollhouse, the stories are a jumping off point for the discussion of feminist issues. For a fantastic read, check out this TV Guide article, TV's Most Important Political Debate Is Happening Right Now on Orphan Black.

Here is an excerpt:

On the series, the female body is a battleground, with the women literally reduced to objects. The more easily controlled or useful the clones' bodies are (read: able to be reproduced), the more they're worth to the government-supported scientists and religious fanatics who continuously lay claim to Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and the rest of Clone Club.

At a time when issues surrounding women's bodies and reproductive rights are not just debated, but frequently taken out of women's hands more often than not, by the government or religious fanatics (sound familiar?) this is an increasingly relevant discussion to be had. The fact that it's playing out on a sci-fi drama on BBC America is far from surprising. Science-fiction has always been reflective of fears currently plaguing society. And by encasing these issues within the trappings of a sci-fi action-thriller, Orphan Black exposes its viewers to radically feminist views without scaring anyone away with the 'F' word.

But unlike a lot of what passes for TV feminism, the show's not just about women being confident or comfortable in their own skin. It's about reaffirming that their skin, their body, and their decisions are theirs to control. This is the battle all women in America are living with right now, whether they realize it or not. I'm not saying I'm worried about someone owning my DNA, but I am exhausted by people exerting their own values and opinions onto my body. That's why it's such a thrill to see the women of Orphan Black reaffirm their agency and fight back against the system, without the series ever resorting to gratuitous sex and nudity (I'm looking at you Game of Thrones).

. . .

Too often in television, female characters are reduced to one-dimensional archetypes, barely distinguishable from one another, while in the real world, women are subjected to sweeping (and insulting) generalizations. By making its heroes clones, Orphan Black forces the viewer to recognize that though women might share a lot in common genetically, every woman is a distinctively complex individual. In fact, by highlighting the differences between the clones, Orphan Black demonstrates how crucial environment can be in shaping individuals and . . . the importance of shaping an environment that actively supports women, rather than degrades them.

I love Orphan Black. Felix is just great and the more I like about the actor the more I like him too. By the way Dusk, my kids have always watched Buffy. I just show them the episodes that are appropriate. She is a great female role model that I wanted my boys to see early on in their formative years.
I am a guy but I can agree with what most of this article is saying but as the show very recently proved (trying to avoid spoilers for those not caught up) it's not limiting itself to be categorized as a show centered just on the women. It's more about identity and the right to make their own choices but it goes beyond the reproduction plots.

I don't have much sympathy for Rachel at this point though. She and Helena have been portrayed as antagonists at opposite ends of the villains scale with our "heroic" clones caught between these two extremes. But with Helena being a successor to Dru, you knew immediately on some level Helena has been victimized as well. Rachel on the other hand has a smug and entitled attitude and clearly thinks she is above the rest. Her meltdown last week came across as more of a temper tantrum that she cannot get what she wants for once. I might feel bad for her not being able to have a family of her own if she hadn't been spending the whole season trying to tear Sarah's family apart.

@tikamajere316-Oh I didn't mean to say their was anything wrong with kids watching Buffy, just that it wasn't really aimed at them when it was made. I'm around Jordan's age but didn't find the show until 2010. I know of a few little kids that know some of the OMWF songs but haven't heard certain parts like: "I'm free if that b**** fries!"
That episode of Futurama always gets me.
Before seeing this interview, and another with Tatiana, the accents of both their characters made me think the actors were British. Evidently they're just really good at acting.

It is a fantastic show, one of my favorites, though I admit things seem to be getting a little unfocused this season. Maybe too much going on.

It is interesting they're trying to make Helena sympathetic now, and that Sarah is trusting her around her daughter. Just a few episodes ago Helena murdered her (and Sarah's) own biological mother in cold blood.

I do hope they are able to tie all these complex threads together by seasons end.
@Squishy-Yes, but in her own way, Helena has actually tried to help Sarah and her daughter recently, and Sarah did not really know her surrogate birth mother and genuinely felt bad about how things ended between her and Helena Last year. (The genetic parents of the clones are still unknown). Plus you know Helena on some level is a victim that Sarah feels sorry for.

The surprise of last week I think is something they could have held until next year but I think the last two episodes of this year will be about our Main 5.

Emma Caulfield made an OB character quiz, I got Sarah!
Regarding Jordan's age, I'm a few years younger than him, but got onto Buffy in my mid-early teens due to the magic of reruns. I was very sick, for about a period of 2-3 weeks, and I got very into Buffy during that time, to the point that when I was better, that I'd wake up at 6 am to see it then.

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