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June 13 2014

Press release for Funko's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pop! Vinyl Figure Line. There's also new pics of the figures (which includes a variant Spike).

I want the(non-vampy) Spike one . He and Team Free Will can get into so much trouble together.

Oz but no Xander or Giles? :(

The Gentleman is so perfectly creepy. But the eyes - weren't they more on the whiter side?
Have been psyched for these, although I think for now I'll just be getting the two Spikes, Willow and Oz and eagerly awaiting a Xander, Giles and maybe Tara. I look forward to some eventual Willow variants too!
Plus Lorne will make a great one when they do an Angel series, as well as maybe the judge, adam and caleb, or an ubervamp. Like the idea of a gentleman but for some reason I just don't find he looks like one at all. Probably the eyes.
I want them to make Fiesta Giles, from "Fear Itself."
They should do vamp masks for Angel and Spike, instead of new toys.
I absolutely love this kind of toys.
I hope I can get one or two for myself :P
Buffy and Willow will make nice additions to the 6 I have in my office (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Michonne, Daenerys and Black Widow).
Ordered my Spike from TFAW. It's cute, and the price was great, but holy cow the shipping was almost the same amount as the price!
I started putting a bunch of stuff in my cart, I guess I am too used to Amazon where it's free if you order enough. I ended up taking everything back out except my Spike figure and Brian Lynch's Monster Motors comic.
If anyone knows of a more reasonable place to order stuff in the US I'd be happy to hear about it!
My brother in law use to buy things from China, with better ´rices and even free shipping, however the time for the delivery is huge, something around 2 months.

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