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June 13 2014

TV Guide's 24 greatest action heroes. Buffy comes in at number two on this list. "She always rose to the challenge of reducing terrifying monsters to dust while confronting inner demons of adolescent turmoil".

When. I saw this list yesterday, I was heartened to see how many women were included!
Surely, the first one, Jack Bauer, is more bad ass, but lets match saving the world from plural Apocalypses, before choosing the golden medal.
Me too floofypooh! Emma Peel and Raylan Givens in the same list - genius.
I'm not sure what to think of a list that says Adam West's Batman is the third-greatest action hero in TV history... but most of the others on the list look pretty spot on. I think Buffy would kick Jack Bauer's butt, and Xena should have been higher on the list, but I liked this more than I like most lists of this kind.

(Also, Brock Samson should have been in there somewhere.)
Some of the choices make this kind of a joke list(especially Jack Bauer at number 1), but happy to see Buffy in the top 3.

But seriously, Adam West's Batman as number 3? Really? It's not that it's Batman that bugs me, just that his version is probably the most ridiculous version of Batman outside of Joel Schumacher's movies.

And again, I said this of another similar article, where is Adrian Paul? I could make a REAL list, but I digress.
She was robbed. No way does Jack Bauer trump Buffy.
Pretty nice list (Stephen Amell needs to be higher, but there's time yet for that.) Not surprised at all about Jack being at the top - loathe/hate/fear him, it's hard to quibble with his abilities to be a constant Man of Action.
I bet that Matt Roush wrote the text for the BUFFY section. He's one of the few TV critics who really 'get' genre stuff.
I don't know. There are some great names on there, but quite a few I really can't agree with as well. Adam West wasn't really anywhere near being an 'action hero', and, for me, shows like Nikita, Alias, Justified and Arrow were majorly disappointing.

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