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June 13 2014

Fan submits an "Agents of SHIELD" LEGO set to LEGO Ideas. The proposed set includes prototypes of Lola, a jet, and FitzSimmons' science van.

LEGO Ideas, formerly called LEGO Cuusoo, is where people can submit ideas and prototypes for LEGO to build as limited-edition sets. The submission requires 10,000 supporters before LEGO will consider it for production.

Yay, my project! Thanks for spotlighting it, Whedonesque! I'm making a Bus model right now, should be completed within the next month (just waiting on lots of black bricks to be shipped in).

I submitted a Buffy project to CUUSOO/Lego Ideas, but it was deemed too violent. However, if you'd like to see all the LEGO Buffy sets ranging from Season 1 to Season 9, check them out here:
Your Buffy Legos are amazing, Mr.Savath_Bunny!
They don't seem too violent, with exception of the vampires. Maybe you can submit them again, making the vamp faces more soft with just little fangs and no strong collors in the eyes, because it is to good to not became real.
The 2 Captain America Trading Cards are a very nice finishing touch to a wonderful looking set.
My son and daughter will flip their lids if they ever get their hands on these bricks. Good luck Mr.Savanth_Bunny!
You've made some amazing sets, Mr.Savath_Bunny, keep up the excellent work! I can only hope that one day my favourite television series and favourite toy will be combined... I'll definitely buy everything you've made.

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