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June 13 2014

James Marsters talks about his latest play, Joss' Hamlet, and Spike. A good interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"or have the character in his vampire make up the whole time" hmm that is something I hadn't considered before...
A Spike movie with Willow and maybe a snarky buddy-cop partner in Xander would be... I can't even imagine the awesomeness! Throw in a Giles cameo and you have my perfect movie!

But I could settle for a Joss helmed Hamlet with Marsters in the lead perhaps.
An audio play about Spike would be one way to go, since people's voices don't usually change as much as they get older. I wonder if Big Finish could get the rights to do Buffyverse stories.
It would be expensive, but they could digitally young him up. Or he could have Shanshued. Or he was exposed to radiation, and while everyone else becomes a zombie, he just ends up looking like a guy in his 50's.

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Honestly, he changed enough between Season 2 of Buffy and S5 of Angel in appearance and we all got over it. I think we could live with the suspension of disbelief for this one, too.
Boreanaz aged plenty, too. Nothing to be done about it, other than casting actual vampires. And they're a real pain to work with: very odd hours, strange requests to craft services -- it's worse than child actors.

But at some point we do need to let it go, and perhaps this is JM's gentle way of getting us to see it.
Sigh. I've accepted that there will never be a Buffy continuation with the actors from the show.
Not with the actors from the show, but there are plenty of other viable ways of continuing stories in the Buffyverse (outside of the comics). A live action or animated FRAY series would be amazing.
If for some stars alignmet a Buffy movie happened I wouldn't care even to see Nicholas and Alison as high school students, so my happynes would easily accept James with somwe wrinkles.

ManEnoughToAdmitIt, Maybe Max Schreck is better to work now, since he isn't having many roles in the last decades.
Most of us fell in love with the Buffyverse WORLD just as much as we did the characters on Buffy/Angel. If Joss created a new work with new characters set in the Buffyverse, I'm sure we would grow to love them. No reason to really even involve the original actors in my opinion (as much as I love them).
I don't know libradude. Part of what was disappointing about the comics, and what makes them better now is the characters that I know and love actually being in them and being in character.
I would definitely give a new bunch of characters a try, but it wouldn't be the joyful thing that the old characters would be. Although I am really happy we didn't get a live action Season 8.
I would accept the aging. Angel visibly aged a TON during the series and we all still accepted him as a vampire. What keeps me from hoping for a continuation now is SMG's recent reddit. It seems to me that she wouldn't do it unless it was Bangel and I don't really need to see that. Plus I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that Boreanez would be involved.
ManEnoughtoAdmit, funny!
libradude, it's a great world, yeah, and I'm glad you like it on its own! But for me, I need the delivery. The only way I could even half-enjoy the comics was to read every character with the actor's voice.

All good things must come to an end. Buffy the show came to a good end. I'm happy with what it is.

EDIT: Oh, wait, you meant a new live-action story, didn't you? Hmm... I'd want some involvement from the original crew, for continuity. But other than that, I could maybe get sold. Tricky thing is, can you make a "Buffy" movie/show and not have Buffy in it?

Brasilian Chaos Man, is Tom Hiddleston a vampire? Or can we make him one?

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I believe not yet, ManEnoughToAdmitIt, but if we are going to ask Harmony to sire British actors I demand a Star Trek Quote, starting with Tom Hardy, to Benedict Cumberbatch, and not forgetting sir Patrick Stewart.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, Tom Hiddleston plays a vampire in the recent feature film "Only Lovers Left Alive." It should be on VoD. Check it out.
Thanks to Simon for the tip-off on this. Happened to be in Los Angeles for something else during the run, so my husband and I got tickets. Based on the article in the previous post, we were expecting a table reading, but the cast stood up at mics for their parts and then would sit back down, and they were dressed as their characters. I noticed they'd start talking as they'd approach the mic, I guess to audibly simulate someone walking into the conversation. As mentioned in the article, the actors didn't look at each other, so they'd look into the audience and also their scripts. There was a backdrop projection of still photos to show locations instead of a set. There was a sound effects artist, Jeff Gardner, recording objects in real time (pages turning, glasses clinking, moving tinsel as footsteps, a gun being handled) as well as playing back pre-recorded music cues and other effects. The audience laughed and clapped in all the right places, and the company got a standing ovation at the end.

The cast was superb, we saw them on Saturday night and they gave it everything, despite it being the second reading of the day. They were understandably exhausted by the end of it, but they still greeted at stage door afterward. I quickly told James that I heard about this from here and that I was glad to see him with such a great cast. In his usual self-deprecating way, he said he was just trying to keep up with them.
Well I'm glad you had a good time. I'll try and catch it on the radio somehow.

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