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October 10 2002

UPN network ratings plummet With lower than expected ratings for BtVS and other UPN shows, UPN may be forced to give away free commercial time to satisfy its advertisers.

If UPN drop Buffy, and Fox drop Firefly... that would leave lots of time for Joss to come make lovely shows for the BBC...
Well, Enterprise is a lame excuse for a Star Trek series. I like Scott Bakula's performance, but everything else is just either bland or sour. And Haunted's first episode really didn't impress me. I skipped that this past week and watched Smallville, which despite my desire to dislike it when it started, has really kinda grown on me. It's a nice modern approach to the origin of sixty year plus old Superman.

However, BUFFY. What's up against it? Baseball should still be on strike for all I care. JAG is a lame military drama where people grit their teeth a lot and occasionally shout at each other. PBS has "NOVA" which is informative and well done but *yawn* not something people are into on a Tuesday night. ABC has John Ritter's new "single dad with teenage daughters" stinker, as if we haven't seen that premise dragged through the mud on prime time before. Then there's Jim Belushi's sleeping gun. The sitcoms on NBC are equally unimaginative. Just Shoot Me is properly titled. I watch a few minutes of that and I reach for either a remote or a revolver - what's the difference?

How could Buffy possibly be losing viewers to this pathetic competition? The only thing I can imagine is that less people are tuning into television at all. It's too early in the season to write UPN out.
My concern is that since UPN paid a lot of money for BtVS and if they are going to lose advertising revenue, will they force Joss to make changes to the show in order to get more ratings? With the sweeps coming soon, this could be a possibility.
Everyone I know watches Buffy---where do they get these numbers??? Oh Simon, sweeps week ALWAYS terrifies me!
Buffy was one of my favorite shows during its first five seasons, but season six was a disaster. On top of having the lamest Big Bad--Warren--it resorted to a damaging and insulting cliche the Evil Dead lesbian cliche which never needed to happen. Buffys ratings have probably droppped cause this lame cliche is deeply offensive to a LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual trans) audience. ALL of the Lesbians I know no longer watch the show and most of the gay men I know have also stopped watching. Buffy has a huge cult following and many of those that followed it were Gay. There were only six shows last yr that were long running shows that featured Gay characters, when Joss decided to kill Tara he also betrayed his Gay viewers. It only takes one bad season to destroy a show. I hope Buffy goes off the air this yr before it gets embarrassing like the Star Trek spinoffs (sad and lame). Thank god that ANGEL is still a cool show.

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