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June 15 2014

8 best fictional father figures (who weren't actually fathers). A certain Watcher appears on this Father's Day themed list.

"If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?"
Aw Giles! I had wondered at times growing up what would Giles be as a cool uncle. Then he went and got a hot singing voice. That idea went out the window fast.

Was surprised Bobby Singer wasn't listed. More of a father to the Winchesters than their own dad, IMO.
Professor X is rightly there with Giles in the first place. But if they were for a bad parents list I submit Cigarrette Smoking Man as the champion.
Sweet list! However, as a person who is a bit older, I thought Giles was hot. I wish Joss had let him sing in more episodes ... as a non-Star-Wars fan, I looked up Obi-Wan in Wikipedia. Hilarious! I had no idea he'd been parodied in so many ways.
I always love how Giles talks to Buffy at the end of "Innocence." But then, Joss set out to make that scene (and the one that follows, with Joyce) a somewhat strengthening end to a grueling episode by showing us just how good Buffy's parents are.

...Hank excluded, naturally.
The Mayor. Now there was a father figure.
"That's one spunky little girl you've raised. I'm gonna eat her."
As someone who grew up with an absent father, I often watched Buffy & wished that I had Giles as a father... I love you Giles!!!
I agree that Bobby Singer should be on that list. IMO he is more of a father figure than professor X (who is more of a leader).

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