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June 16 2014

Five fictional worlds you don't want to live in. One of Joss' worlds made it onto that list. Mostly due to the highly dangerous journey to get there in the first place ;).

I'm not sure that I would want to experience any of Joss's worlds.
Death (or worse) by vampire or other beasty.
Death by mindwipe.
Death by disease, gunshot, cattle stampede, lack of medical care, what have you.
Death by ELE activity.
Death by alien gestation.

I might be able to eke out an existence on Ariel, but I'd have to submit to the Alliance.
I thought it was going to be the world without shrimp.
I would totally live in the world without shrimp lol

What about Pylea? Lorne had to be dragged back there.
I thought it would be the world with nothing BUT shrimp.
I work in the shrimp business, so both the world without shrimp and the world with nothing but shimp are no good for me.
We're definitely having some very good (better?) ideas here ;)
So, no love (or hate) for Quor'Toth?
Can I just say how much I love being in a community where we can just casually toss off mention of things like the world without shrimp and we all totally know what we freakin' mean by that. I mean, we're all freakin' weirdos, but in the good way.
I was totally thinking of Quor'Toth, too, although I figured they might go for something a little less obscure -- like Pylea. Or maybe that's obscure, too, to the layman? *scratches head*
I would happily live in any Whedon world, especially the Buffyverse. Dangerous? Sure, but still WAY more interesting than the boring, predictable real world we all live in every day. I'd take my chances.

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