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March 18 2004

Slayercruise- June 11th, 2005 Set sail for the beautiful Caribbean Islands, with a number of your favorite celebrities from both Buffy and Angel onboard!

Has this been posted?? It's news to me....

Kennedy, Lorne, Darla, Adam, Clem all seem to be confirmed...

They have a 'morphing' picture of Andy Hallett/Lorne! Like anyone interested in this wouldn't know who Andy Hallett is!

I have never really been interested in cons but this sounds like it could be fun. If the stars are on board for the entire week (doesn't actually say that) then you may actually have the time to have a real chat and get to know them, rather than the "Photo op time come her sit down smile! here's your photo go away" at most events.
Cruises are a blast anyway, but a Buffy cruise? Completely awesome. Especially with it being on a Holland ship, which I can say from recent experience, is a terrific line to sail on.

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This sounds like the plot for a TV horror flick.
yeah!! it'd be great if there was a murder-mystery dinner or entire evening. starring the characters, well, in character. I'm sure everybody, me included, would love to see Julie Benz do some improvised darla!

wait, did you mean tv horror flick as a bad thing??

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I wonder who'll be doing the catering......I imagine they're stockpiling the food coloring as I type;-)
Murder Mystery? If I were Iyari I wouldn't bother to pack more than one days change of clothes... Kennedy isn't the most popular character in the Buffyverse!
This sounds so very awesome!! I've always wanted to go on a cruise... and now a Buffy oriented cruise? Woah!!
Just wish I had the money to go. lol
I'm just wondering how many people have to sign up for this thing to actually set sail? and how many people have already signed up?
I can't help but wonder how much security they'll have on this thing........What happens if some weirdo celebrity stalker gets on board? I know Kennedy isn't too popular around here, but I'm sure someone somewhere is absolutely obsessed with her.
Dude, she's a slayer. I think she can handle herself. Just kidding. I'm sure there is security. And I'm sure all the talent get to bring some of their respective posse's along.

I just got an email back from the guy who is running it.
150 people have already signed up.
There is no minimum amount of people. If nobody else signs up, it will still set sail.
He's guess-ta-mating that 300-400 people will come aboard.
Maximum capacity being 600.

Just some more info...
Well, if it weren't for 18 and over, I wouldn't mind going. And I've got the money for it, too. I wouldn't mind wasting the money because not only are you meeting these people but you're going on a cruise.
How depressing.
Well the cruise is not set to leave until June 2005 but they been taking reservations since around Aug last year. These are the same people who put on the Star Trek cruises - I have been on one of those and the stars who are signed up this far in advance are normally there for the entire excursion - cause hey it's a free cruise and normally after the first day - the OMG factor wears off and it's like a normal cruise. They'll have autograph sessions and one huge photo op and panels through out but for the most part after 2 days in to it you'll start forgeting they are actors and you'll see them as people (which can be a good thing or a bad thing) - and hey if Will Wheaton could survive a cruise (even though he deserved to be thrown overboard) - I'm sure Iryani has nothing to fear.
RavenU, just out of curiosity, why did Will Wheaton deserve to be thrown overboard?
Because he was a being a brat - one night him and a buddy thought it would be funny to run through the halls pounding on the doors at 3am - when most people just got to bed an hour or two before hand. I had a room down from Gene and Majel - I went to the door and opened it in enough time to see him round the corner and Majel also answered the door looked back at me and it was so funny - she said "I'm going to kill that boy." and I told her I would help. Then we both went back in the room and that was it. Although after that night Wil calmed down a bit he was still being a brat. There were plenty of people plotting to throw him overboard at one time or another that had nothing to do with the fact he played Wesley Crusher and more to do with him being a pest.
Interesting story RavenU, I'd never even heard of these cruises. And I suppose I understand the OMG factor wearing off but aren't these guys swamped when they walk around? I'd want my money's worth by getting actual gab time.

And Iyari....well I hated Kennedy, but she's a babe...hehe....oh here's the wife. Hi honey. Ahem.
The cruise I went on was one of the first back in 1989 (opps - that's dating me a bit - but hey I was young). You'd be surprised yes there are a few hang arounds for some of them but for the most part after a while it was just - oh hi how's it going conversation you'd have with any other fellow passenger. You'd have gab time, my most surreal moment of my cruise, they had a tiny dealers room and I went in and looked around after a moment I looked up at the other people in the room looking at the items and it was (I'll use characer names) Deanna Troi, Nurse Chapel, Wesley Crusher, Natasha Yar, Scotty, and Uhura in the room with me, that was it outside of the dealer, me and a bunch of star trek actors looking at star trek souveniers - I just stood there for a moment kinda taking in the weirdness of it and then just walked out. I got to chat with all that I wanted to talk to - there were like 15 or more Star Trek celebrities on board. It's funny the first night they had all the celebrities come out and do an introduction and a skit if they wanted, well John deLancie (Q) came out and said to the audience, "To all the other actors you are fans but to me, since I brought my boys along. You are all potential babysitters." :) And he wasn't kidding - he had some of the fans babysitting his kids all the time and they weren't complaining, like I said weird.

For the record I can not imagine James Leary, Andy Hallett, and George Herzberg surviving the cruise just on antics alone they will slay everyone and if they dare add Lutz or Strong - it may be the first ship in history to return to port with all the passengers dying of to much fun and laughter, cause those guys in small groups are a riot - you get them in a pack and there will be much partying to be had - these guys are unafraid to party with the fans they do it at conventions all the time.
From the sound of it my comments in my first post could be right. A chance to see the real people 'off duty' rather than putting on their game faces. Be interesting to see who else signs up.

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