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"I was able to examine the body while police were taking witness arias."
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June 18 2014

Harmony has minions? Well sort of.

You have to admit it's the sort of thing she'd do. And find them cute and try to persuade one to be a unicorn.
Yeah, but if she really wants a unicorn, probably the Squeeze Aliens from Toy Story could manage this better with a stuffed one. While a one eye minion with a one horn could be dangerous, especially if it was made of wood.
Brian Lynch (of Angel:After the Fall fame) is writing the Minions spinoff film. He needs to do a Harmony and Minions spinoff next :)
Oh faith in Angel if only that could happen!! Maybe Harmony could have a cameo in the movie. :)
Nous sommes les serviteurs de Harmony.

"And they're from France!" (What sealed the deal for Harmony)

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