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March 19 2004

Herc Loves Second WONDERFALLS, Too! A GLOWING Ain't It Cool News review about episode 2, "Karma Chameleon." The Whedonesque discussion thread for this episode. Love it? Hate it? Tell us and chat about it at Flickr as well.

When he says I love it, he means more than the first episode. A 4 1/2 star out of 5 review!

Gots me excited.

Yeah Herc is really going gaga over this show. I wish I could say the same. I was looking forward to it and badly wanted to love it, but I only 'sorta liked' the pilot. Still better than most stuff out there.

Although I have to say I caught a "Tru Calling" for the first time since forever and they're finally getting deeper into the why of things. Or so it appears. The ep itself was same old. Why doesn't the police never ever wonder who she is and how she knew what she knew??

But this is a Wonderfalls thread, sorry.
Wonderfalls would have made a pretty good film but no way does its limited premise have the potential for a TV series. Herc has definitely overscored this one. I wait in patience for a worthy (or even semi-worthy) successor to Buffy. This isn't it. btw just when is Joss going to get round to that Ripper series he promised the BBC over two years ago? Last I heard the BBC was getting fed up with the long,long wait and there's a danger the corporation will give up on the project. Personally, I would trade Ripper for Wonderfalls any day.
ooooh, there's a happy moment. listen to the chameleon...
I think we would all like to see Ripper getting made. I still haven't seen Wonderfalls so I can't comment on the show. Hopefully it should be shown in the UK soon, but the other US show I am aching to see, 'Carnivale' hasn't been picked up yet in the UK (which I find odd because of the glowing reviews it got in the US).

One question for US tv viewers. I noticed on the official Wonderfalls site yesterday an audio commentary track for the pilot by one of the executive producers and one of the actresses . Is this a first for a US show? I don't seem to remember seeing commentary tracks on shows' websites before.
No - I'm guessing they are already preparing for the DVD but no I don't remember this evry happening before. I guess they figure they commentary might help some people who don't get the reason why she's all of a sudden hearing intimate objects talking to her. I will say that they are doing everything they can to get viewers. Thanks for the link.
I wonder if they'll put deleted scenes online like they do for Stargate SG-1.
I think we can't really judge Wonderalls until the season is over. I wasn't overly impressed with Firefly at first, but when I got into it after a few episodes, I was hooked.
I think I've seen audio commentary for a show before, not too long ago. Perhaps for The O.C.
Personally I think Wonderfalls is fantastic. I rewatched the pilot last night, and enjoyed it more the second time around. Easily my favorite non-Joss Whedon show since Miracles.
I re-watched the pilot for a third time, and yep. Still funny. For a very first episode I thought Wonderfalls held together remarkably well, serving to humorously introduce the main characters while developing the season's storyarc with some of the most painless exposition I've had the pleasure of watching. I would be concerned if this was the best we could expect, but again, for a first effort I'd say "Wax Lion" was leaps and bounds (ha!) ahead of most attempted show launches.

Can anyone explain why we're already forced to harbor concern for WF's future when abysmal crap like 'Oliver Beene' is cossetted and nurtured?

Allyson: I'm intrigued. Are you being mysteriously oblique, or is there seriously some kind of reference by the chameleon tonight that will cause me to squee like some kind of fangurl?

[ edited by Wiseblood on 2004-03-19 20:53 ]
I've removed the spoiler tag as this will be the discussion thread.
Sad news on the ratings front - last nights encore of the Wonderfalls pilot - got the exact same numbers as the Friday night airing (3.4/6; 18-49 demo 2.0). Both Tru and Wonderfalls were beat by UPN WWE wrestling - I think I'll go cry now.
man, the episode just ended here, and wow. If i was a gay man, i'd take advantage of tim minear....but since i'm not i guess i'll just have to hope for Caroline Dhavernas:) wow, This show is really really good. And she(the aforementioned Caroline) is really amazing. It's odd, i didnt really realize how good she was watching the pilot, but tonight i had an about-face, and now i'm just some fanboy... She is really gorgeous. Yippie, bring on next week. OH, and FOX, don't screw this one up...
oh, and should we just start referring to shows that aren't in anyway under the Mutant Enemy "umbrella" as EXTREME BILE?
I agree it's a little early to be judging whether or not the show will be good or not. I've enjoyed the first two episodes and although, it hasn't grabbed me like Joss's shows I find it intriguing and more interesting than a lot of other shows that are on. I also took a couple of episodes to warm up to Firefly (of course if the pilot had been shown first that would've made a huge difference) but I quickly fell in love with Firefly and I think it had the potential of being Joss Whedon's best show or at least as good. I hope it is given a chance by Fox because it is an interesting show to watch and shows usually get better over time.

I just think that because Buffy, Firefly and Angel were and are so good it's honestly really hard not to compare every new show to them and of course they are all lacking something that those three shows had. I also thought Miracles was a great show and wish ABC had given a full season. I had gotten to the point of "I can't wait until next week" after only seeing a couple of episodes. I can't say I'm there yet with Wonderfalls but I could see it happening. I thought tonight's episode was good but it did seem to drag in a couple of spots.
Tim was the voice of chameleon.

RavenU, dont be sad. Fox wasn't.
Caroline Dhavernas is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
I liked the pilot better. Still not convinced of the show and this kind of situation with someone having to watch how someone else takes over their life makes me really uncomfortable, so I didn't enjoy the episode much. But I really like Dharvernas' character, she's pretty and funny and I'd like her as a friend. Can you be a Gen Why-er if you're in your 40's?
I liked it, yet I still have absolutely no idea where this show is headed, or how long it will remain enjoyable, (hopefully for the remaining weeks till Fox cancels it).
Still not sure my thoughts on this episode, but will probably be watching it again at some point. I didn't like it as much as the pilot, though, but the credit sequence was really nice to see.

One thing that did bother me about it was Binky's "stage fright" (for lack of a better term) about her article due to her stuttering. Did I severely misinterpret why she was afraid to write the article, or was it because when she gets stressed out she stutters more? Because if it was the latter, something doesn't quite match for me.

I've got a small stutter myself (one of the joys of being deaf is the nice degeneration of my speech), but when I write, the only stutters that tend to show up are the ever present typos. I'm not talking when I'm typing, so I'm not worried about my speech patterns. So that just seemed a bit off to me. But overall, a lot of good points in the episode and am definitely hoping that it will continue to grow.

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