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June 18 2014

The Hollywood Reporter reviews "Dominion". "... Of the many, many things someone at the network needed to broach - and then squash - was why in the world you would hire Anthony Stewart Head and take away his accent. That's not just a bad decision - it's inconceivable in the whole of its asininity."

Ha! I thought his accent was missing in the extended trailer I saw. It sounds too weird. (I know he "lost" it when he was in an episode of Highlander, and I think also in And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself.)

Wish I could see the show; I'll have to wait until SciFi (I refuse to call them Sissy...I mean SyFy) puts the episodes up on their site.
Well, they made him play an American in Jonathon Creek.
Wow, that's not what I was hoping for.

I truly believe that ASH can pull an American accent and it would go unnoticeable with a good script.

I'll still try. Sigh.
As much as the reviewer apparently hated the show, I don't really agree that somehow casting a British actor (ASH) and taking away his accent is an automatic no no. The show takes place in post-apocalyptic USA. Just how many Brits does he think will be running around? And he never said he didn't find his American accent convincing. He just seemed put off that he wasn't speaking with his natural accent at all. Actors take on roles with all sorts of accents. It's kind of their job.

Despite the review I'm going to give the show a shot. (Not a pun about the lack of guns.) I'm kind of a sucker for warring angels. Although I've never seen Legion.
I have. Can't remember what happened. I think there was a diner in it and it got surrounded.
I recall the ads. I recall it have a good cast. Not sure why I never watched it...
Now that I looked up the synopsis on IMDB and got my mind refreshed, I think The Prophecy did the heaven horror story better.
Ooh I'll have to try The Prophecy. I like heaven horror to - is that a sub genre name?
The Prophecy is really cool movie from 1995 with Eric Stoltz and Christopher Walken, written by the guy that wrote Highlander.
I don't know what the wider review community consensus is, but the IGN review was generally positive and specifically pointed out ASH as one of the stand outs.

I remember the movie vaguely - it didn't seem like anything that lent itself to a TV series, but I imagine if the right deal can be made for all parties involved anything can turn into anything
is that a sub genre name?

It is now.
Simon, yes, it was a surrounded diner. "Gentleman" Doug Jones has a cameo as a very scary ice cream truck driver.
Yeah Brits never work witithout accent, like the few episodes of House can state.
If this show stiks (seems that will only stinks) the English speakers will be able to listen Mr ASH the same way we in dubbed versions countries did (here Giles had the same voice of Bruce Willis).
I thought that the promo banner they had on IMDB was actually a kind of cool image (or it was enough to get me to check out the cast listing) but watching choppily streamed trailer suggested the actual movie wouldn't look anything like that.

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