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June 19 2014

David Boreanaz reflects on 18 year TV run. He'll be at Wizard World Philadelphia this Friday and Saturday. James Marsters, Nathan Fillion, Eliza Dushku and Alan Tudyk will also be at the convention.

Welcome home David Boreanaz!!!

As this is my home town, I am actually guiding two teen daughters of a friend and a cousin through their first quasi star based con experience. I actually -- wait for it - may not get into the more Whedony of panels. Can you believe that? Children first and all that. I will try to persuade them to these events.

Anyways from the programming at Wizard World.con website:

Boreanaz is talking about Bones I think from 2-2:45pm.
Fillion and Tudyk are doing a Firefly panel from 3-3:45pm.

Saturday is the only day that I am going but here's a link for the entire program, there may be other panels of interest:

I will report as best I can but usually this stuff is so star based, nothing really canon is discussed. The best moment last year was when Gina Torres called Laurence Fishbourne (maybe?) and also kind of sort of discussed Hannibal. Actually, she's just really dynamic and everyone should see her once.
@hann23 - That sounds great. The pleasures of youngsters are so intense that they are lovely to behold, Whedon-related or not. David Boreanaz has had a great run on television and has been consistently fine. I haven't watched Bones for a while but last time I saw it, he was doing a great job with his character. His work as Angel, however, was wonderful in so many ways.
The problem with the way they have the panels scheduled, we're going to end up having to choose between seeing him or Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk. The odds are, we will not be able to see both panels, since they are back-to-back. They will kick us out of the room if we see David, and there will be an ocean of people waiting to see Nathan/Alan.

David was supposed to hang out at the press shindig last night, but basically just dashed through the bar (kind of like a clothed streaker), so few people actually saw him at all.

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