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June 19 2014

Possibly the coolest Marvel t-shirt ever. More new licensed Marvel t-shirts over at Her Universe.

Pretty neat, I'm a little jealous of the ladies right now :)
Wow, I don't know if that's the coolest Marvel shirt ever, but those leggings are necessary!
Seconded, Willowy. I'm buying those right now.
Creepy cool.
Gotta have the t-shirt and leggings!
Must. Buy. Send. All. Money. That Ms. Marvel tank top is pretty great too!
That Ms. Marvel tank confuses me a little bit since it's so busy and doesn't really feature that many images of the character. They're also contributing to some brand confusion by using Danver's old code name and costume when she's got a more practical look as Captain Marvel now and there's Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel too. Khan's costuem that might even translate to a printed dress like that Captain America one pretty well.
That's the first Ms. Marvel costume (and cover, I think.) Love that shirt.
The description says it's a collage of women of Marvel with Ms. Marvel more prominently featured. My only hesitation with the shirt is that her costume is a little skimpy and also placed in an area that already draws attention. Ahem.

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