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June 19 2014

BuzzFeed quiz: Which Buffy character should you hook up with? Finally, the quiz we've all been waiting for.

I got Xander, so I do have doubts about its accuracy. Are internet quizzes not in fact built by a team of scientists? What is the world coming to.
I got Willow, which is what I expected. She's definitely my type, but I don't think I'm hers. :-/
I keep getting Willow if I'm honest with my RL answers ;p

But when I give myself some fantasy room - Spike :D
I got Buffy. And yeah, maybe it'll go great for a while, but soon enough I'll be letting trashy vampires suck on my forearms.
I got Buffy.

Xander? What about my choice of "strong, silent type" screams Xander?!? (To be honest, I tried again -- Xander. Third time I got Willow. Which is very nice, but I think she's kinda gay.)

*Off to ponder my life choices*

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I got Willow.
This straight guy got Xander.

Ehh, fair enough.
I got Willow, answering "honestly". But I'm not her type.

Then I went with my second choices and got Giles. I'm Really Not his type!
Is Xander the Peeta of Buffy?
They made it pretty easy for me to get Angel, and God bless 'em.
Oops, got Spike. But I much prefer Giles.
Faith. This quiz is uncomfortably revealing.
I was very careful how I answered so I got Giles as I hoped I would.
Willow. Not really a bad choice. I'm shy and withdrawn like Tara, detached like Oz (alhto nto the silent type,) and like Kennedy I basically prefer to want what I want. (albeit in real life, if I were in a forced choice situation that they coudln't get out of either, I'd pick Amber over Aly, at least physically and personality-wise; not by much, I mean between one of 5-way tie for #1 and one of a 4-way tie for #2.)

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I picked the answers I thought would get me Buffy, and I got Buffy! Now back to real life.
Surprising myself, I got Willow. So on 2nd attempt, picked answers more carefully like others and got Spike. Satisfied now.
I got Xander too but was trying for Giles.
Seems that I will need to fight AndrewCrossett, AndrewCrossett, Simon, Dusk, DaddyCatALSO and mazza for my belover Willow... And after that, we still should have that orientation problem.
I got Willow. I don't think I would have been disappointed with any option though.
I wasn't expecting it, but I got Giles. I'm now imagining Giles as a "Down and dirty" sexual partner, which, as a straight guy, is a little bit unsettling (although it does fit him in a weird sort of Ripper way.)

Really though, if I was to pick a character that was closest to who I would look for it would probably be a later season Willow. As ever, it seems lack of interest and unavailable are a real turn on for me...

So, does this mean that the people that got Buffy should hook up with the people who got Angel?
You probably will get more soft answers asking Brits and Brazilians for love for the Argentinian team, Vandelay.
However, if you suggest that I can partner with girls who get Xander, Oz, Tara and Kennedy, better. More options.
Giles, so age appropriate.
I got Willow. I think I'm kinda gay!
I was doing an honest run and I still got Spike! Whooo hooooo!
I got Giles (yay!) but I have to admit I was steering the answers that way. I like big books and I cannot lie!
I got Willow. Which honestly I was kind of expecting that result before I even finished all the questions. Now I just need to find myself a Willow-like woman(that's straight, of course).
Well you all beat me then. I got Dawn! :(
I answered honestly and got Spike, I was really happy until I remembered I don't get Spike IRL :D
ooops, double post :(

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