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June 19 2014

Joss Saves - a birthday project. Kiba Rika, the webmistress for the Joss is a hottie website has started a campaign to celebrate Joss's upcoming birthday on June 23rd.

There are 2 components - lending money through Kiva and tweeting how Joss saved you, on twitter. You can do either or both.

Erm, "saves"? That's not gonna work for me. I could do #JossInspires or #JossRocks or #JossSomethingElseThatDoesntHaveUncomfortableReligiousOvertones

I do love Kiva, though.
I'm in. I feel like such a little financier.

I deeply believe that Joss saves; who among us would charge him full price?
jcs, there were a few things that contributed to the name. It started with literally the idea that Joss saved my life, because his shows and, more importantly, the community of his fans were there for me at a time when I consistently hoped I would cease to be each morning rather than waking up. (Was I pining for the fjords? Perhaps.) That made me turn to the idea of "She saved the world a lot," which I wanted to apply to Joss with something like "Joss saved our worlds a lot." But I also needed something that would be a quick, brief, easy hashtag. So I rolled with Joss Saves, playing on the Cthulhu Saves joke that takes the piss out of evangelism more generally.

My intention was certainly not to make anyone uncomfortable, though I know intentions aren't always the salient thing in situations like this.
Kiba, I think the uncomfortableness may be that most plays on "Jesus saves", like the Cthulhu one, make puns with other meanings of "saves". Using the same meaning, equating Joss to Jesus, is where it gets awkward. For some people it may be fine, I know I've seen the sentiment expressed here before, but Christians (and probably others) may have problems with it.

The idea is great, the name maybe could have been better (though it's easy to criticize and I have no suggestions myself).
I'm wondering now if #ThankJoss would be better. There has been little enough activity that a name change really wouldn't represent a branding problem. I'd just have to see if Kiva will let me change the team's name.
It's been changed to #ThankJoss. New site here.
...and I just made it an even $50, one for each year in the Demi-Century of Joss.

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