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June 19 2014

Anthony Stewart Head talks "Dominion". SyFy site Blastr interviews Anthony Stewart Head on his new SyFy series "Dominion," a continuation of the 2010 film "Legion."

Anyone watch? Thoughts?
I watched. I'll watch next week but I may not make it to a 3rd ep. ASH's American accent is very distracting (inconsistent) and I really wish they would have gone another way with that.
I really miss Tony's own accent..
I had no problem with his accent. I've heard several slick politicians that use the same over emphasized at times American accent so it fit with who he was as a character for me. And I found him to be completely effective as the slick head of house that would do anything to solidify his own power while playing lip service for doing it all for the public good. Really the only way for them to go another way with his character would be to have hired someone else. And that's a bigger shame to me than not hearing his natural accent.

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