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June 20 2014

James Marsters and Bianca Lawson to guest star on 'Witches of East End'. It's nearly seventeen years since they appeared together on Buffy.

As I don't watch Witches of East End, it will be a lost.
The last guests of James togheter with Charisma in Supernatural were very good and Bianca was cool as a witch in TVD and in Teen Wolf.
This is going to be interesting if they get to share some screen time with either Tom Lenk or Enver Gjokaj who will probably still recur from their roles from the previous season.
Hmm, I'ven't tried tunign inlifetimeon the TV in my room for a logn while, not sure if it's too staticky to watch or not. Will need to consider this. (Weird - 3 of the 5 women in the Jossshows whom I find most attractive were born the same year.)
Might have to check it out. James is makes almost anything he's in worth while (*cringes recalling later seasons Smallville*)...

Speaking of 'witches', JM's Supernatural character was well developed. They even left it open ended, a strange thing for the show that kills off everyone. I do hope they bring him back in season 10.

Actually, some fan fiction writers might take this as an opportunity to x-over the the two shows through James' witchy characters.
Yeah, it would be cool if they got to share screen time together because truth be told I'm still a little irritated that Ringer got Amber Benson, gave her a connection to Bridget, and then refused to give us a Buffy/Tara reunion scene!
I will set my DVR for this! I considered watching this show when it first came out but didn't bother. Definitely will give it a try now at least for James' episodes!
Isn't at least one of the Whedon guest stars on that show already killed off?

Also wow, that 17 years figure is sort of crazy since I swear just a couple years ago Lawson still played teenagers on TV.
Yeap, she did a highschooler in Pretty Little Liars, in 2012.

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