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June 20 2014

Q&A with Nick Brendon about his new movie 'Coherence' tomorrow in L.A.. This will take place after the 7pm showing at the Los Feliz 3 Cinema on the 21st. 'Coherence' seems to be getting some critical buzz, check out the website here.

Sounds interesting!
Just checked IMD (oh, Nick has done his share of bad horror/sci-fi flicks) and the synopsys of the movies starts with On the night of an astronomical anomaly... which resembles a little bit one of Joss' inspirations in making Buffy - Night of The Comet.
The film seems to be one in which you should know pretty much absolutely nothing going in. In other words, don't read reviews because many are spoilery and now I wish I hadn't read past the first paragraph of nearly all of them I peeked at just to get a taste of what the film is like. It seems to be pretty roundly liked, and the average score at IMDb is 7.7 from 352 users at the site. The seven or so user reviews are very enthusiastic. It also seems imperative that you pay very, very close attention, something I can really get into. What, pay attention to a film's narrative? I'm down. And because Nick is in it, I entered a contest that Film Stage's Facebook page posted and won a one-of-a-kind variant poster (it was not an easy contest and time consuming) so I feel sort of justified to crow about it. So good for him - I so agree with what one of the reviews ( said about Nick: "The criminally underused Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) appears as a partially washed-up actor, a part he carries with a wounded, overly sensitive damage. Seriously, why is he not getting more work?" Indeed.

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