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June 21 2014

Community's Danny Pudi gets asked if he'll be appearing in Agents of SHIELD. He tells TV Line "Anything is possible. I never thought that Captain America was possible. I also never thought that being on Cougar Town was possible. So... why not? No one's contacted me about that. But please tell everyone that I am available and interested!"

Which Whedon project was Danny Pudi in? Also, isn't this article more about Pudi's career than any Whedon project? I am scratching my head as to why this is front page news.
I think it is bigger news that Rosario Dawson is working with Steven Deknight and Drew Goddard than to hear about where Pudi might pop up.
So Pudy might possibly maybe appear in AoS. Cool! XD
Tausif, right there with you on all points... especially because I find Pudi (and pretty much the entirety of "Community" to be fair) to be absolutely awful. Painfully so at times. And he is one of the worst by far on the that show. I was glad he didn't get to do or say much of anything in "The Winter Soldier" because the second he appeared on screen it drew me out of the film (thankfully he went away nearly as quickly and I was drawn back in). He isn't the right type of actor for the feel or tone I want in my Marvel Cinematic Universe or, you know, any of my entertainment for that matter. I would seriously be bothered by him making even a cameo appearance on AoS... no thank you.
Guest speculation about a Whedonverse show is acceptable front page news. Daredevil isn't a Whedonvese show, Agent of SHIELD is. If you have followup questions about this then send Whedonesque an email about it. The contact details are on the bottom of the page. It's not a matter for debate on site.
No he won't, cause he will be in Community's sixth season. Yes, I'm in denial.

Yes, I'm a fan of Community and especially Pudi.
You should give it (another) try. They have a special geeky tone that anyone who loves Whedon should be able to understand and love, that is after ten episodes or so. Just keep watching it and you'll end up loving the show and wanting more episode, and yes, six season and a movie. (because, yes, I first disliked Community, but a friend of mine told me I should really give it a try, bingewatching it. And it worked. And it has sometimes this Whedony feeling of greatness)
So my only advice for you all : try to watch it and you'll see why this has to be in the front page. More Pudi is a good thing. Pudi in a Whedon-thingy is even better. And yes, it's cool. Cool cool cool.
I love the cast of Community. I really loved that show.
I wasn't trying to argue the rules, Simon, sorry if it came off that way. Honest. I just meant (and thought Tausif did too, but I see now that I may have been mistaken) that I care a whole lot more about seeing Rosario Dawson officially cast to work with Whedon-adjacent creatives and her entering the Marvel universe (something Joss clearly is involved to some degree with) than I could ever possibly care about Danny Pudi (who, as I already mentioned, I don't personally care for) basically throwing a shout out of "I'm available" into the ether and hoping for a part. So, yeah, sorry again.

Back to the topic at hand!

Ship, I appreciate where you're coming from and I've had many people tell me the same thing as you but I just completely disagree. I watched most of the first season, missing episodes or turning the channel because it would lose my interest, and I've seen random episodes sporadically since then. Too many people who tell me to watch it say the same thing that fans of "The Office"(US version) would say, "Oh, well, you won't like it at first and the first season isn't that funny and some episodes aren't going to make you laugh...but you should really watch it!" Eh...that sounds counter-intuitive to what a 'comedy' should be to me. I find it's "geeky tone" more insulting than Big Bang Theory. I "understand" the jokes, I'm a fairly large nerd into a variety of things, I just don't find it funny. And there are some people on the show I really like...outside of the show. Like, Joel McHale is a great example. But I find him dreadful on the show. To me, the fact that the show has almost imploded in on itself several times due to numerous different reasons is only further proof that they should just stop (in my mind/opinion, of course! Not holding anything against anyone who likes it).
No worries :).
Plus he can be super versatile and can disappear into roles much like Enver when asked. He's not always Abed. I loved his cameo though, especially because it reminded me of where the Russo's are from. You can feel their touch in both Community and Winter Soldier.

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Quinn Merrick, well I think I can't convince you then.
In my opinion, your "further proof" is just what makes them funnier over time : they can do pretty much anything thanks to the fact that they were always almost cancelled.
I do agree that at first it was not funny but now when I'm rewatching first episodes I laugh. I think I just didn't get the tone first time around, even if I understood the jokes. Furthermore, and just like Tausif, I felt in love with this cast - both inside and outside the show. (yay you for liking Joel McHale lol)
Plus, Community has delivered one of the best episode of sitcom ever with Remedial Chaos Theory (3.03). So I kinda hope that everyone feels the same ;) My bad, sorry :)

PS : totally agree with what you say about The Office, I just didn't get it. (& totally disagree with the fact that they should just stop lol)
@Ship, I'm totally with you on loving Comminity (and never got into The Office).

And it would totally make sense for Pudi to show up in AoS. Marvel quite like to keep inviting actors back. Two words: Shared Universe.
Quinn I agree with your statement the only difference between our two points is that I love Community and its cast that is all I was pointing out.
My love for Community started with their first parodhy episode, covering Goodfellas, God Fathher and other mob works: Contemporary American Poultry.

Two words: Shared Universe.

Not sure it is the best solution, Effulgent, since we could end up with a gottie Abbed.
Count me in as one who enjoys Danny Pudi as an actor. I would be happy to see him in any Whedon project.

For a treat, be sure to check out this video in which Danny Pudi gets together with two other members of the ever-expanding Whedonverse -- Brian McElhaney and Nick Koche of BriTaNick (the First and Second Watchmen in MAAN).

A Monologue for Three
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
Adding to the people who would enjoy seeing Pudi in the Whedonverse in any form whatsoever.

If you've seen Community, you'd see that Pudi is actually a pretty versatile actor (though I'd argue not as much as Enver, that we've seen anyway). He's been able to slip into totally un-Abed mannerisms of several occasions.

And from what I've seen in videos and stuff, he seems like a pretty cool guy, and would fit right in.
Community has its ups and downs and, like Arrested Development, is one of those shows you LOVE and are totally obsessed about or are entirely ambivalent about, so I can see how some people might not care for any rumor about Danny Pudi being in SHIELD. That said, Danny Pudi is obviously not Abed, and it's actually to his credit as an actor that people would confuse the two.

Danny Pudi showing up in The Winter Soldier totally took me out of the movie, but it was a great thing and really fun. The Russos brought in several actors they had worked with on Community (D.C. Pierson is another) and I like when actors are rewarded with things sort of outside their genre. This happened with Adam Pally, too, who appeared in Iron Man 3 because Robert Downey Jr. had invited him.
Aaaand... Community has its sixth season !

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