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June 21 2014

Nick Brendon interview on Schrodinger's Cat and Buffy. Nick describes making a sci-fi movie without a script, his favorite Buffy episodes and the 'very political' cancellation of Kitchen Confidential.

I was heartbroken when KC was cancelled.

I allways thoght that Schrodinger dude was a bastard. How can someone treat a feline like that!
Also loved KC it's writings and amazing cast. Has anyone any idea about what should be those "political" business?
I sadly loved KC and resented that How I Met Your Mother continued instead. At that time KC's comedy was much better than HIMYM and I found myself enjoying it more than HIMYM. I remember that they were in the same time slot or something but I still watched them both to support Aly and Nick.

When KC was cancelled and HIMYM wasn't, I was so upset. Not because I wanted HIMYM to be cancelled too but because I believed KC was better written and acted. The dynamics of the kitchen made more sense than that of a cliché bar. Hearing now that there were politics behind it doesn't surprise me.

*sends Nick virtual sympathies* Tad OT: Politics in every line of work suck. My boss skated his way, barely doing anything or attending. After years the big brass found out, forced him out of our dept and & literally punished us by closing the dept and shifting my team to another dept (despite doing our job 110%). My boss was much more lucky. Instead of being fired, he immediately was given rain of another dept to ruin ('cause this friend runs the that area). Still haven't decided to stay or look for something else. /end rant - tldr
When you said Schrodinger's Cat and Buffy, I thought it was about the dead/alive cat in "Dead Man's Party." (I think that's what writer Marti Noxon was going for there...)
Great interview. I watched KC. Oddly enough I liked everything except Bradley Cooper's character, I found him unlikable. But Brendon was great in it. Too bad he didn't go directly into another comedy, he really excels there.
I thought KC had a lot of potential. You were supposed to find Bradley Cooper's character unlikeable. KC was based on Anthony Bourdain's book, and he's a guy plenty of people find abrasive. I thought the show would have done better if it had started a few years after House, not just one year after House. After audiences got used to watching a jerk they could root for, they might have warmed to KC more.

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