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June 22 2014

Nathan Fillion will cameo in "Guardians of the Galaxy" says James Gunn. Watch for, Captian Hammer... Mal Reynolds! in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Nathan talked about this back in April. But given the hoo-ha yesterday I can see why Gunn confirmed it.
*squees again at the confirmation*
What happened yesterday, Simon? (Sorry. I missed Nathan at the Philly Comic Con yesterday while I was busy being sick. Did it come out there?)
Someone at Latino Review thought Nathan was going to be Nova. That was just speculation on their part. However another site decided this was concrete proof and it subsequently got spread as a "true story".
Outside the Joss connection, Nathan also starred in James Gunn's film, SLITHER (another cult classic).
>> @libradude
>> Nathan also starred in James Gunn's film, SLITHER
>> (another cult classic).

Can anyone who's seen both Super and Slither recommend Slither to someone who didn't like Super?

I didn't like Super.
Trentaferd, Slither and Super are vastly different films. If you like 1980s-style gross-out horror comedies, you'll like SLITHER. In terms of tone, it's like a smarter KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.
I couldn't stand Super. That's about all I remember about it! Slither, on the other hand, was entertaining and funny. I'm not a James Gunn fan. I'm a little worried that GotG might have too much of Gunn's puerile humor in it. Slither has some of that, but it's definitely slick and filled with a lot of dark humor. Nathan is great in it, and it has Michael Rooker in his first memorable (to me) role.
I'll try and check out slither at the next opportunity then. I remember watching Super in response to James Gunn getting the Guardians job, and it was just a very upsetting movie to me. He seems like a hell of a cool guy though, and like he's aware that a lot of his work is for a pretty particular audience.
Slither also features the first on-screen pairing of Nathan and Gregg Henry, who played Sheriff Bourne in Firefly's "The Train Job".
Joss' advice to Marvel on Guardians of the Galaxy:
"My only piece of advice has been: I want to hear more of James."
via screenrant
I like James Gunn's humor, generally. It's not for everyone, but neither is Joss' work or any other director's work.

What is important is that the director embraces the original material. If you've read Guardians of the Galaxy, it's very much in the tone we've seen from the trailers so far. It can get weirder and weirder and still be PG-13. Remember, Slither and Super were both Rated R.
I liked the expression on James Gunn's face at the Super screening when I said it wasn't as funny as Nailing Your Wife. Now that's my favourite Gunn/Fillion collaboration.
Oh my, what a tremendous birthday gift! :)

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