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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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June 22 2014

Happy 50th birthday Joss! Our wonderful Mr. Whedon hits the big 5-0 this year.

A very happy birthday. Love, peace, health and many more worlds to create and share with us.
Happy birthday, Joss, thou beautiful man with your beautiful mind! I wish you - quite egotistical - huge budgets for the rest of your life to do whatever you want to do on whatever screen you choose. (More Shakespeare and - please can you take the burden of GUNNM after Yukito Kishiros manga from Mr Cameron's shoulders, pretty please.) :-)
I knew there was something I was supposed to post today but I was rushed this morning. Cheers for posting this Matt7325. Happy birthday to Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss. You don't look a day over brilliant.
Happy birthday to the Man. Here's to many, many more years of giving us what we need, not what we want. Though a little of the latter wouldn't go amiss from time to time!

Many thanks, Joss, for all you have done.
Many congratulations to the Purple Avenger! (we must be psychic on thishera weblog as we called him an Avenger long before he got involved with Marvel.)
Happy birthday, Joss! 50 years of awesomeness! And may there be many more.
Wishing you all the best. Thank you for all you've done for us.
Congrats Joss.
8 years ago I came across that little tv-show Firefly, and I got to 'know' its creator...
And you're still inpiring!
Thanks for all that, and many happy returns,

Tara, Anton
Happy Birthday, Joss! Celebrate it like a boss! :)
Happy Birthday.
Happy cupcake day Joss,
You make this wallflower part of a team that i love, be it fighting the system, reading in the library or flying high. Here's to you cheers.
Happy birthday, Joss! You've done very very well with those 50 years! Looking forward to the next 50...
Happy Birthday to Joss and my father, Joao.
Boss man, Happy Birthday. Hope wherever you are, there's cake.
Happy Birthday Joss! Being the workaholic that we all know and love, I'm sure he'll be busy filming today. But I hope the Avengers cast and crew help him celebrate it in style!
Happy Birthday, Joss! May you have many occasions today and in your 50th yearr to dance the dance of joy!
Happy happy birthday, Joss! Much love and gratitude to you.
Happy birthday, Joss! To celebrate, I got you a Kiva team. I hope others will join me in thanking you for the difference you've made in our lives.
I don't post frequently enough, but this is enough to bring me out of lurker-mode. Happy birthday, Mr. Whedon! You have brought many heroines and heroes into our lives over the years, but few (if any) more remarkable and heroic than you, sir! All the best on your special day!
Happy Birthday, oh Overlord of Screens, Pages, and Eyeballs. May you be surrounded by loved ones and many cakes.

Do the dance of joy!
Bon anniversaire Joss ! Hope you'll bring on some nice stuff in the upcoming months !
Happy Birthday Joss! May it all go your way.
Happy birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss.

I heard life begins at 50. So I guess everything you've done so far was preamble, so can't wait to see what's next! (No pressure...)
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Ad multos annos!
All the very best, Joss.
Happy birthday Joss!
So Owl wrote... and this is what he wrote:
Pooh looked on admiringly.
"I'm just saying 'A Happy Birthday'," said Owl carelessly.
"It's a nice long one," said Pooh, very much impressed by it.
"Well, actually, of course, I'm saying 'A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh.' Naturally it takes a good deal of pencil to say a long thing like that."
"Oh, I see," said Pooh.

Using all the pencils in the world, HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY, Joss!
Happy 50th, Joss. Don't worry, it's much like the 49th and the 51st is pretty damn similar too!
Best wishes to a true hero (many-faceted).

I saw an ad for the first episode of BtVS when it was first syndicated on FX (I'd only recently decided to own a TV again), and thought: Strange name, how interesting. I wonder if it's any good.

Still with you, and always ready to see what's on your mind.
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember to stop for cake.

Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Joss!!!! Been with you ever since season 3 of Buffy way back in 1999, and looking forward to many more years of awesomeness. :)
What floofypooh said. Also many many happy returns, from one Joss to another.
Happy Birthday Joss!
A very Happy Birthday to you Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss! Now onto another 50 years, eh?
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! :D
Happy birthday Joss-sir! I hope your day is fab!
Can those boyishly debonair features really be the face of a man merely ten years younger than me? Well if AARP tweets it, it must be so. Happy Birthday, and thank you Joss, Renaissance Person of the 20th-21st Centuries, for all the ways you have moved me with your arts, for speaking up and fighting for the rights of women here and worldwide, for having created this community of people that I will never meet but I can still talk to and share thoughts and ideas with because we have all been moved by you in ways that unite us beyond physical boundaries.

(And Kiba what a wonderful birthday gift idea! I will be joining that because I'm betting Joss already has his own copy of "the Chosen").
Have a good one!

Hmm, so he's technically a month closer to 8 years younger than to 9 from me.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thanks for all your creative endeavours!

Just on the way home from the most recent Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses in Sacramento. It was AWESOME! We even got to hear Jessica Neuwirth speak.
Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon, and thank you for all the happy you provide!
Happy birthday!
Have a very happy birthday Joss! May you have many more to do what you love, create and write timeless, brilliant worlds and characters.

p.s. Send us pics celebrating with the Avengers. Just saying, bonus ;)
"What's past is prologue." -- Will S.

Time for the kickoff into high gear,
for the triumphant, second half century of Joss.
Where he really runs up the score and makes it a blowout!
Many happy returns, Mr. Whedon!
Happiest of Birthdays Mr Joss. Having hit my 50 mark already I can say with much feeling, it's better than they say. Besides, 50 is the new 30. Go forth and multiply your genius! Thank you, even though it's your birthday my fellow Cancer, we are the ones receiving gifts in the form of your imagination.
Happy Birthday to you, Joss, and thanks for all the joy, pleasure and pain you have provided over the years! Welcome to the fifties club!
Happy birthday Joss! Many happy returns!

And if you actually happen to see this, the AlexReager household is still hoping/waiting for a Clem & Faith spin-off. (Crazier things have happened.)

Thanks for all the entertainment joy!
Happy Birthday Joss!! Thank you for creating the best female television character ever. Thank you for making the most fun superhero movie of all time. You truly are an inspiration.
Gratulerer med dagen, Joss! Thank you for the many ways you have changed and continue to change the way I look at the world. Feeling somewhat schmaltzy for saying it, I honestly believe that you and your work has made me a better person. Love and respect,
Happy birthday Joss! Your work has moved me and changed my life in memorable ways. Much love.
Yay! Happy birthday Joss!
Celebration day for all of us, I believe, but not the least yours in particular: Happy Birthday!
Have a very happy birthday, Joss.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thank you for living a life and creating work that makes me think, "That's how it's done."
Happy birthday, Joss! And many more.
Happy Birthday to Jossir. (Fifty ain't hardly nothing; I know 'cos I visited there for a whole year, and it was *fine*.)

"The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected." - Swedish proverb
Happy Birthday, Joss! I'm so glad you were born! Looking forward to the next 50.
Jossir, your birthday is over if you are still in the UK but the celebration goes on over here on the other side of the pond. I hope you will take a moment or two to follow the #ThankJoss tag on twitter to get even a small idea of what you and your work has meant to us all.
Many happy days more and thank you for all of the creation mana!
Happy belated birthday, Joss!

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