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June 23 2014

Anthony Stewart Head talks about being a Joss Yes-Man. ASH talks to Vulture about Ripper,"Much Ado About Nothing", Rupert Giles in the Buffy Comics and Shakespeare brunches with Joss.

This probably needs a spoiler alert for the Buffy comics.
That Buffy comic stuff has been out for a while so it's fine.
Anthony Stewart Head knows his theology. Angels did predate monotheism, and even the belief in Yahweh as the sole or even High God of the people of Israel. Angels were the messengers of the higher ranking gods, and they were definitely not cute or cuddly. In Biblical lore they were more like the images of animal headed winged beings from Egyptian sources than our modern portrayals. Try reading the description of Ezekial's vision of God seated on his throne of Kerubim - they had four faces so they could look in all directions at once, and interlocking wheels so they could fly in all directions. Pretty scary actually.
Sigh. Every time I read an interview with him I lose another little piece of my heart.

Tony in Avengers 2? Yes, please! Ooh! Maybe he's a friend of Howard Stark!
If ever I see or read anything Anthony Stewart Head related I can't help but think what an adorable, good mannered and true man he is. You just can't not like him.
hmw He's truly like that. The minute you start talking to him, his entire attention is on you, and he truly listens to what you're saying.

The convention I met him at was raising money for a local animal charity, and there was a young lady in a wheelchair with her service dog. Tony knelt down so he could talk to her comfortably, and asked permission to pet the dog.

He gets downright gleeful when he gets to play the bad guy. He really thinks about what motivates his character to be the way he is, and puts a lot of himself into the role - the screech he did as Mr. Finch in the Dr. Who episode "School Reunion" was all his. He said he "discovered" he could make the noise, and felt it fit the character. Freaky.
Good read. Maybe I missed it earlier but this is the first confirmation I've seen that points out it was ASH who couldn't make the Much Ado shoot and Clark Gregg was called in as last minute replacement
He needs to show up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.
He should do anything to get out of Dominion.
Sorry, I'm an Atheist, but seing an angel beng shot with cannons offend me. Not sure if was the image in itself or all the bad writing.

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