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June 23 2014

17 Joss Whedon quotes for his 50th birthday. Which one is your favourite? Oh and MTV decided to up the ante with 50 quotes.

All good quotes. But I'm partial to #13, probably because I was there when he said it. ;) (Yes. That's a brag.)
Wow, so many good ones I haven't heard yet! My fave from the list is "because you're still asking me that question" (original choice, I know).

My real favorite is not on there, though. I quoted some of it it in my #ThankJoss tweet, here's the full version (from the Mother Jones interview):
"I just felt from an early age, I don't understand how anybody ever pulled off the whole idea of "women are inferior"; I mean, who even decided we had to take sides? [...] We're all on the same team."

I hate the battle of the sexes, and hearing someone articulate what I've always felt - especially someone from the "opposing team" - was so moving, I felt like Joss had given me a hug :).
My two favorite Joss quotes:
The "equality is not a concept..." quote from the article, and

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and they CANCELLED MY FRIKKIN' SHOW. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it. Damn." (about Angel's cancellation).
Mine's not on there.. :)

"Always be yourself. Unless you suck."
It would be difficult for me to select my favorite Joss quote. But I'll take anything from his Equality Now speech or his commencement address.

I also like most of what he's said about writing. The following was from an interview with him on how to be prolific:

ďI have a reward system. I am the monkey with the pellet and itís so bad that I write almost everything in restaurants or cafes [so] that when I have an idea, I go and get chocolate. Iíll write it down and then get some chocolate. I have the idea, I get my pellet . . . I mean Iím terrible. . . . Thatís something Iím seeking help for. Itís a vice and itís different than advice."

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