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June 24 2014

"Firefly" movie welcome. Article in local paper about movie franchises. I presume they meant that a movie based off the series Firefly was welcome.

SCREAM 3 is terrible, but SCREAM 4 is great (whether it was 'wanted' or not). The original SCREAM was a homage to/parody of 80s slasher films, and SCREAM 4 cleverly satirized franchise reboots. When Kevin Williamson puts his mind to something, he can be just as 'meta' as Joss.
Scream 2 was worst than the 3rd one, because the second just copyed the first with a little twist at the end, while the third one has done more homages to the horror flicks and got back the rules. The 4th was the best sequel, but the killer shold have won, or at least survived, to make a good sense and twist.
Off course all of this is just IMHO.
I love that SCREAM 4 was mostly marketed as a reboot, but the real theme ended up being "don't f*ck with the original." It made sense to me who survived and who didn't with that message in mind.
So they are saying Friday the 13th was never welcome? Hogwash!
One reason I won't add Scream 2 to my personal collection. the other one being, except for Mercedes, I don't watch movies where the person I'm buying it for isn't the Final Girl.
The Resident Evil movies are my guilty pleasure.

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