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June 24 2014

(SPOILER) If true, I can see it actually.

The link isn't working.
The link is fixed now.
Well, the one idea wouldn't work because of rights, I think. The other idea, the NOVA idea, would work, if Nathan was going to be less busy in the future, but I don't know if he has the appeal that he once had, I feel they might go with someone a bit younger. The last idea, that was lent most credence is very interesting. Bradley C is already doing the raccoon, so why not make our Captain the voice of a canine captain of security on what is basically the head of a dead titan/god/something. Then he could have a significant speaking role in future instalments as well, as he would probably cross over into future Guardians movies, Nova movies, maybe even Annihilation and Annihilators movies, if they choose to expand the galactic side of the MCU, which they really should, that's where the gold is, if you ask me.

Well, Gunn has already dismissed the Nova rumor. But if he's really going to be Cosmo?! YES! He can be Russian. We'll see in a few weeks whether this is really the case. But it would be fantastic to see Cosmo on screen.

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