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June 24 2014

A review of 8 movies where Joss was a script doctor. No surprises, except perhaps the last one.

One of my favorite Joss stories is that as he and Kai walked out of the theater at the end of the Titan AE premiere, she turned to him and said, "Quick, say something funny so I know you still are."

I noticed this article doesn't mention Atlantis: The Lost Empire (in which I pretend that Princess Kida is a dyslexic misspelling of my name).
I hadn't heard about his involvement with Twister. Nor did I know that Rex in Toy Story was all him.

And while I didn't know it before now, I am not in the slightest surprised that he had a strong-female-character idea in mind for Barbie.
Wow, I didn't know he helped with "The Quick and the Dead". Man, Sam Rami and Whedon would be an awesome combination. Throw in Bruce Campbell and the nerdgasm wouldn't end . . .
With all due respect to Joss, there really wasn't any way to save The Quick And The Dead that didn't involve a wastebasket and a box of matches. Pity the producers saw fit to use the title of a Louis L'Amour novel (and TV movie starring Sam Elliott).

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