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June 24 2014

SFX Magazine's top ten greatest scifi, horror and fantasy moments. Over 95,000 readers voted in the poll and there's two Joss Whedon scenes in the top ten . The rest of the results can be found in the 250th edition of the magazine.

Other Whedonverse scenes that feature on the list

64 The Cabin in the Woods - The monsters are all released
43 Angel - Illyria lets Wes see Fred for the last time
40 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy imagines her mother is alive in 'The Body'
22 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Scoobies find out that Buffy was in Heaven in 'Once More With Feeling'
18 Serenity - Wash's death
17 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy pushes Angel into Hell

Really from all the SciFi, Horro and fantasy moments that the Doctor Who was the top moment?? I'm a little surprised.

Needed more Angel scenes - Shutting in the lawyers?
These polls are very of their time. Having lived through the release of ESB and watched a solid chunk of scifi, it's a bit surprising that the "Luke, I am your father" was at number 5.

I think that scene has become so integrated into our shared pop culture conscience that folks forget how that scene was truly amazing and shocking at its release.

I love me Joss, but many scenes in ESB really could win this particular poll, IMO.

Also the reveal scene in Star Trek 1, which kind of broke that fourth wall and made complete sense.

I wonder if shippers won this poll. (note- I'm a shipper). The first regeneration was really the greatest moment in the Doctor Who series. It was sheer genius.
LOL! Had to laugh at the top scene. It's not only not my favourite Doctor Who scene, it's not even my favourite moment in the modern Doctor Who series or even out of Tennants stories alone. I found his Doctor's exit and Donna's 'death' to be more impressive moments. And don't even get me started on what Matt Smith scenes I think should be up there instead. But oh well..

I remember Joss saying that he'd come to accept that no matter what he wrote from now on, that nothing would ever top the impact his Hulk Loki scene had on folks. Looks like this poll has borne that out.

I am surprised at how high the Firefly scene is. It's a great funny moment to be sure, but yeah not seeing it topping Empire's 'I am your Father' moment.

Very strange results, but it's all of course very subjective, and will change dramatically the next time they do one of these..

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43 Angel - Illyria lets Wes see Fred for the last time

Oh, now I'm almost crying again.
I love me some Joss, but there's no way kicking a guy into the engine is better than "tears in the rain." Funnier, yes, but that wasn't the poll question, was it?

"Luke, I am your father" and "gone, like tears in the rain" should be fighting for the top spot.
I'm not sure that any of those are the top moments in their respective shows or movies.
I have to admit, I never get tired of watching the Hulk Loki scene. It's such a perfect comeuppance. The little whimpers at the end. Love it. The rest of the scenes chosen are not the ones I would have.
Yeah, much as I love the Train Job scene, I can't believe it's top 10 and the only Firefly scene in there. I don't know that anyone else would agree, but when Mal gets back on the ship and shoots Dobson quick and easy in the Serenity Pilot, that was always pretty awesome to me.

Shutting in the lawyers would be a great Angel scene to have on there. And, oh I dunno... 'Let's go to work' maybe?! Seriously... I'd also have to throw in the ending of Awakening.

I also wouldn't mind having that Cabin moment be higher.
DreamRose311 - I was going to paste the exact same thing for Firefly. My other would be the duel ending from Shindig.
Needed more Angel scenes - Shutting in the lawyers?

"And yet, somehow, I just can't seem to care."

For Avengers, how about: "That's my secret Cap, I'm always angry". That's my favorite moment of the whole film.

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