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June 25 2014

Fight! Which Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode is the best? So far it's 'Once More, with Feeling' battling it out with 'Hush' for the top slot on the leaderboard.

Interesting, the episode without speech vs the episode with spontaneous singing. I CHOOSE MUSIC.
Odd. In doing this for at least 5 minutes, Hush wasn't even offered as a choice. I call shenanigans!
Now the episode without background music has moved ahead of the episode without speech, behind only the episode with spontaneous singing.
My favorite isn't even in the top twenty at the moment. Sigh... no love for the episode with nothing but dreams. And cheese.
Hard to beat OMWF for best single episode.
THE ZEPPO *mic drop*
"Prophecy Girl" never gets any love.
Becoming, thank you very much.
Episodes without dialog, episodes without music, episodes without cheese.

I wear the cheese. The cheese does not wear me.
The Cheeseman has now broken into the top 20 at #19. Reptile Boy is (appropriately) down in the sub-basement.
This seems like a very inefficient way to rank.
With 144 episodes there are over 10,000 different fights possible.
So far according to the site each episode has been in about 400 fights. That means so far there were less than 30,000 fights. That means on average each specific fight has only been voted on less than 3 times.

I have done about 40 fights already and only had one fight with Restless, my favorite. Meanwhile I already voted about four times for A New Man, which might be good, but there are plenty better. I just keep getting fights between that and lesser episodes.
Quickly lost my patience with the site. I never got an episode that I truly liked over the other choice. For me, the episode without music and the one with spontaneous music are my top two picks, and it depends on the day (and my mood) which is first. I will always have an affinity for Pangs, as well, because that is what got me into the fandom.

This seems like a very inefficient way to rank.
With 144 episodes there are over 10,000 different fights possible.

Well, we could separate episodes in groups of 4, withhead leaders, in which the best 2 will pass to eliminatory rounds til the finals. The main problem would be avoiding Micky Jagger's cheerings and Costa Rica.
ONCE MORE WITH FEELING is great but it is so much of a one-off that I consider it in a different class than the other eps. My vote is for SELFLESS: one of the tops eps for references to other eps, a new song from the musical, a great performance by Andy Umberger as D'Hoffran, & Anya's final separation from her life as a vengeance demon.
I can't pinpoint one 'cause there so many. A few:

Selfless: We saw Anya in a different light and it shattered our hearts. I still cry when I think about her.

Restless: Gosh, a foreboding? The whole show was so such....I still can't quite wrap my mind around it.

Once More, with Feeling: This one still steals my heart. To sing your heart of all your aches and dance your desire. Truly brilliant.

I've more, but I cut myself off at three for this discrussion.
"Who Are You?" is my favorite BTVS episode.

I think it's underrated, actually.
Glad to see the love for Restless and The Zeppo. I agree Who Are You is very underrated. The Body and OMWF usually top these lists for a very good reason, but I'd put these and Fool for Love right up there with them.

When you watch the best of the best of Buffy, it's just amazing what a jaw-droppingly good show it was.

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