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June 25 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6. It's the final issue of the incredibly enjoyable Serenity sequel miniseries.

I would like to say thank you for Simon and Kaylee finally having dialogue directed at the other because that is something I have been holding out for these past six months.

A friend of mine had a good question: Kalista's hair hasn't grown back yet but she seems to have had enough time for that to happen? (Also, is she older than River?)

And I have a bit of a problem that Iris has come back to any sort of lucidity in such a short span of time, regardless that Simon has experience working with that sort of thing.

But it's been my favorite issue in a while. I'm not sure how I feel about Zoe and the Operative, but mostly because I'm super fond of him. But it's a really fantastic thing, in my opinion.

I've just gotten through it so I'm just highs and lows at the moment.
I liked the subtle leaf on the wind.. :)
TenTonParasol, I'm not entirely sure Zoe would actually be able to defeat the Operative. She's an excellent soldier, but surely the Alliance's top agent had to have an even better training. So I'm guessing not everything may be as it seems - I think it's entirely possible they might have reached an agreement of some sort and maybe we'll see the Operative again.

(Possible, but not likely, I admit. Okay, I'm quite fond of the Operative, as well.) :-)

Anyway - a brilliant emotion-filled issue (and a very, very good miniseries as a whole). I'm surprised there are so few comments. Hope we'll get some kind, any kind, of follow-up soon!
So... did Zoe kill the Operative?

I'm guessing no, and I'm also guessing she never intended to have an actual shootout with him. The reason: even though she is a tough soldier, he is a professional killer so talented that the Alliance used him as their "go-to guy" for dealing with problems like Mal & Crew. Zoe would have no reason to believe she'd win a fair fight with him, and if she lost she would leave her baby daughter with no parents at all. I can't believe that she would be that reckless and uncaring, to risk Emma's future over an act of revenge. So, I think something else happened between them.

Too bad about Zoe's cellmate, who's probably been killed for attacking a guard and aiding an escape. I hope she was able to finish her book first.

I think the Operative was being bizarrely naive in saying that Rodgers would be too "wise" to come after Mal and Co. The guy is an alliance general who's been captured, mind-raped, then trussed up like a rodeo calf and left in humiliation to be found by a platoon of grunt soldiers. Of course he's going to come after Mal and his little Firefly.

I'd like to know how Jubal Early managed to survive a fall from... what, 500 or 1000 feet up? More? Is he something other than human, that he can survive these things? He must be... otherwise, why would the Alliance keep going back to him despite the fact he's been badly beaten the first two times... the last time by a girl with a wrench.

And I did think it was abrupt and a little odd that Simon was able to "fix" Iris so quickly. It's a major design flaw if their super-soldiers can be compromised that easily...

Unless, of course, that's what the Alliance *wants* their enemies to think.
AndrewCrossett, excellent point about Iris - I never thought this might actually be a deception. I like this idea.

Also, I totally agree that Zoe wouldn't risk her life (and Emma's future) in an unnecessary duel with an extremely dangerous opponent like the Operative. Maybe, if there's a sequel, we'll find out what this was really about... :-)
Maybe I've got it... Maybe the Operative just wanted to go away, return to the quiet place where Mal found him earlier. Maybe Zoe tossed him the gun and told him to continue the fight against the Alliance because he owed it to her, maybe she gave him a specific target or a mission. Sounds reasonable, no?
Yeah, I think that was why I had reservations. It seemed unnecessarily risky on Zoe's part, even for a little vengeance. I like those suggestions, the one AndrewCrossett makes about Iris and kernel about the Operative.

The way it leaves off like that really does suggest an intention, or a hope at least, that it will continue.
If Zoe had killed the Op, there wouldn't really be any reason for the story to conceal that from us. The fact that it's left unconfirmed suggests it's not that straightforward.

I *hope* Iris isn't going to turn out to be a sleeper... she looked so cute and happy in her new outfit and wig. Maybe they broke her out of the lab before she was done baking, and so it was easier to turn her. But she seemed considerably farther along in the process than River had been, and was "fixed" much more easily than River. That's suspicious. (In fact, I can't believe the others... River and Simon in particular... aren't suspicious.)
Simon I would personally out down as too naive and too sympathetic to the girl's plight. Cynical and skeptical he may be at times, I doubt he has the kind of nature to question a fortunate turn of events for a girl who has clearly won his sympathies and desire to have her life turned for the better. Well, he should be a bit more skeptical at how fast--even he expressed a hesitation about it being possible--but I do think he's naive enough for it to happen. I have more to say on that but that's probably my own personal interpretation of him.

I am surprised about River taking it in stride so well.

And that Bea is so quickly taking in a girl who nearly ruthlessly and brutally murdered her the day before.

Like you, I seriously hope she's not a sleeper but that'd be most interesting, using what we've got right now, in my opinion.

Oh and, it is a good question about Early and why the Alliance keeps banking on a guy who keeps failing. The Alliance seems so intolerant of failure. (Like, to a point where I'd say it's in the pathos of the people.) I have to go back and read those particular pages again when I get the chance because I was going to say they might have a personal investment in him but I remembered some dialogue about investment but I can't remember...
I got to wondering why the super-soldiers all seem to be girls. (They're not Slayers, after all.) And then I looked at Early and how he seems to have a superhuman ability to survive, and how he's not quite right in the head. Could he be the result of an early experiment in creating these super-soldiers... which maybe resulted in the discovery that using men as subjects yields unsatisfactory results for some reason?
Maybe they prefer wai-fu and so pick little girls for flexibility and how quickly they take to that? (I don't know how viable that it.) Is it because teenage girls are more unassuming and less likely to be assumed as assassins? (I'm eh on that and I suggested it.) Early being an... early test run would be interested. (???) I recall the TWOP recap wondering if Early was psychic, maybe only a teeny tiny bit, considering he stopped to lick the beam River was standing next to when "listening" to the conversation upstairs.
A little late to the party here. This is such a good beginning to that second season we've always wanted. So... where's the rest of season 2?
So many good questions! I sure hope we get another series, to move us forward, and answer some of these outstanding issues! Also, SO good to have Inara and Kaylee in what looks like good relationships. When I have time I must reread all six issues. I miss so many things when reading comic books.

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