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June 25 2014

Read an excerpt from Neil Patrick Harris' autobiography. "This is an excerpt from a self-serving celebrity autobiography that is different from other self-serving celebrity autobiographies."

Cool, although this autobiography seems a little pre-emptive. I like to think NPH's best career years are still ahead of him (Dr. Horrible 2 for example!).
I think it's coming at a really good time - with HIMYM ending and Neil's start rising, he is in a lot of ways moving into the next phase of his career. No reason he can't write a sequel in twenty years when Doctor Horrible Live breaks all Tony records.

This was a great excerpt, I can't wait to read the full book. The magic trick at the end was awesome too.
Haven't read the excerpt but the way that ad is written, sounds more like Barney Stinson than the real Neil, or the real Anybody.
I suspect there is a considerable amount of NPH in Barney. Who the character began as and who he ended as are quite dissimilar.
How do you get to the excerpt? I'm not having any luck.

BTW, I saw Hedwig on Thursday. I knew Harris was amazing before hand (or I wouldn't have flown to NYC to see it!), yet he still managed to totally blow me away. (Also while there I went to see the Marvel exhibit at the Discovery Museum, which was lots of fun.)
Here's a direct link to the excerpt.

ETA: I just read it, and it's great. It really is set up as a "choose your own adventure" book. There is a ton of NPH in Barney, and various interviews I've read give me the impression that you could never put him in one box, as much as people want to either because he's gay or because he plays heterosexuals almost all the time.

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Thanks for the link!

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