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March 19 2004

'Chosen' voted 3rd in best TV Series Finale. A BBC Poll reports that Buffy has been voted third for the best ending of a TV Series with 17% of the vote.

That's pretty darn cool that BtVS ranked so high, although I consider Buffy to be as much a "serious drama" as a comedy.
Who called it a comedy?
The writer of the article: "...with Inspector Morse appearing as the only serious drama in the poll." Although I suppose BtVS wasn't explicitly called a comedy. My interpretation was more contextual than anything else. But no biggie.
I think it was called a "comedy drama". That sounds ok to me. :-)
Part of Buffy's "problem" all along...when you set out to be a "genre busting" show--and succeed fabulously--people often have a hard time figuring out where you go...Buffy is a drama...a comedy...a horror show...a teen angst melodrama (at times)...a morality's impossible to shoehorn it into any particular category...which is why I always just say that "Buffy is the finest achievement TV has ever produced."

People either walk away or begin to pay attention.
Well said, Chris. :) It was particularly cool that BtVS was the only US-made show of the top three. I was reminded of something one British fan said in another forum: That BtVS didn't seem like a "foreign" show to her. A very high compliment, I thought.
I guess nobody remembers the original "Fugitive" series. That was a perfect finale.
Fugitive perfect? Perfect chaos, perhaps. I can hardly call it satisfying.

Now for a fun ending, you need Newhart: "Emily, you should wear more sweaters."
Worst Series Finale: ST Voyager. After seven years trying to get home they get home and the show ends ten seconds later! After all that build up!
I disagree that saying Buffy is not a serious drama implies that it is a comedy. Of course it isn't a serious drama, it is fantasy. Certainly it had all sorts of other elements to it - and that's why most of us think it was great - but let's not fool ourselves into thinking that anyone would classify a show about vampires and demons as a serious drama.

BTW, I liked the Voyager finale. The show was about them finding their way home. Once that was done, so was the series.

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