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June 30 2014

Joss Whedon is one of the world's most powerful celebrities according to Forbes. Last year, Joss came 99th on the Forbes list. This year, he is 68th. The top 100 list can be found here.

Found the blurb a bit funny almost cringy-worthy on the last few words, but considering the usual reader that is the audience of Forbes, it is understandable why it was written that way. Where lies the big bucks for the studios.....
Numfar PTB, they're not wrong when they say that. He'll probably get a lot more money from Age of Ultron than he gained with Much Ado.

Anyway, I don't understand this list. When you're talking about money, I get it. When you talk about popularity, albeit subjective, I get it. But the most powerful celebrities? What exactly is that? What kind of power are they talking about? For example, Joss is only #92 in press, but who cares? That's not very relevant for his job. And how they compare musicians with actors and directors is beyond me.

Still glad Joss is POWERFUL! XD (Joss, SMASH!)
Here I'd hoped "most powerful" meant "most able to mobilize fans to do good works."

If that were a thing, I think Joss would be close to #1.
Behold earth's mightiest celebrities!

They won't pooh-pooh Much Ado once they see Avengers: Age of Shakespeare. (There's precedent.)

Kiba is thinking of real power.
If you read the article they spell out the algorithm used to determine "power." I expect every comment in here to be more vilify all profit making enterprises and people who are successful financially but if you really want to know the explanation is there.
I always knew Joss was a PTB. Glad to see the rest of the world taking notice.
Yay, he's powerful! Can they free Goners now?
I read the explanation but it still seems very subjective, aside from the money aspect. And Kiba, I expect his ability to mobilize fans to do good works fits in with the social media reach. How is your ThankJoss campaign going, anyway?
Can they free Goners now?
FWIW, if (and I mean "if") I'm properly re-reading both guild rules and Goners development history, at any time between late 2012 and late 2017, Joss can trigger a 2-year "intent to reacquire" process for the Goners script.
Good for Joss! I hope after Age of Ultron makes all the money, he will next devote all his power and money to a really awesome project of his own creation, with his own characters.

And... Justin Bieber has made more money than Paul McCartney? I'm going to kill myself now.
@AndrewCrossett - not to make Mr Bieber's earnings seem less staggering, but the "cute Beatle's" net worth is calculated at around 1.2 BILLION. The Forbes article only guesses at earnings over the past 12 months. I think Paul will gladly be satisfied with how that stacks up with the Canadian heartthrob
Floyd Mayweather is number 7 and I haven't heard of his existence till today.
But the most powerful celebrities? What exactly is that?

Biceps mostly. Forbes gets them all in a room (not at the same time, of course; don't be silly) and gets them to flex the "guns." I'm pretty sure Joss tweeted about it a while back. He calls them "Buffy" and "Angel."
>> Justin Bieber has made more money than Paul McCartney?
>> I'm going to kill myself now.
>> -- @AndrewCrossett

Don't fret, they paid him in BieberBucks. Monopoly money with
his face pasted over Mr. Monopoly. He never knew the difference.
>> He calls them "Buffy" and "Angel."
>> -- @Yoink

Joss flexes.
"Buffy", "Angel",
"Buffy" Buffy", "Angel"

And the Crowd Goes Wild!
There's a "the Spike is my penis" joke in there somewhere...
d like to see Joss do another TV series movies are fine but ya cant really tell a story in 2 hrs
DeathJim, So Agents of SHIELD...
No power in the 'verse can stop him!
That was an oddly worded blurb, but if he has more "power" which means being able to do projects he feels passionate about I'm ok with him having it.

And although Joss is involved with SHIELD I was under the impression that was Jed and Maurissa's. Plus, SHIELD is someone else's universe that they are (doing a good job of IMO) playing in. I'm more interested in what he would create from scratch if he were to do another series.
Yeah, I really miss Joss doing projects that feature his own characters/worlds as well. He has done great work with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I hope he moves onto something 100% Joss-created soon. Even though I've enjoyed some of his recent 'side projects' like Much Ado and In Your Eyes, both of them have felt a little half-baked. In Your Eyes especially is his weakest project in years, but he also wasn't around to direct it which could have made a difference.
Yeah, it's pretty clear that Agents of SHIELD isn't really "Joss's show", so to speak. He got it up and running, but his lack of involvement was fairly clear - even though I also number among those who think the show really turned it around in the back half of the season. Looking forward to season 2, but would look forward even moreso to a new, original Joss show.

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