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June 30 2014

(SPOILER) Details about the Avengers: Age of Ultron finale get revealed. They're character specific spoilers.

I won't read it. I wish this information was not available at all, assuming it's true. Now the whole internet is just going to be a great boundless minefield that I must carefully navigate until the release of the movie.
Nope. Won't read it. I have faith in Joss and will wait till the release of the movie to know what happens to our heroes.
I read it because I'm a sucker for spoilers, I'm pretty happy if it turns out to be true because it is something I have been speculating might happen for a while now.

But I will say it is a pretty huge spoiler so most people will want to avoid reading.
It's a massive spoiler, which surprises me because Drew is normally very circumspect about that sort of thing, and if anything, always, always seems to err on the side of caution. He may not be getting any Marvel set visits any time soon after this posting.
A certain and a bit unexpected name drop makes me raise an eyebrow a bit. Not the biggest thing in the article and it's probably inconsequential but... Still raised an eyebrow.
Yeah - it's a pretty big spoiler for one character and I agree it's not very "Drew like" which is why I felt safe reading it and was disappointed that I did.

My guess is the arms race for eyeballs among the media sites continues to skyrocket .. if Latino Review is getting pub than HitFix has to break a story, and if HitFix gets it's name out there than Ain't It Cool better get a scoop and so on

It's annoying - and don't give me the "then don't read it" argument, because typically I don't have too much trouble skipping the originating article. It's the after shock of conversation that shows up everywhere - even in threads that aren't related to the particular movie. I was reading an NFL thread when I had a Winter Soldier bit spoiled for me. It's insidious
Nerdist is also talking about this but doesn't mention any ending details. Here is the video Nerdist News.

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So McWeeny got handed the screenplay? That's the part of this that confuses the hell out of me. I remember when some jerk tried to sell a copy of the Avengers' screenplay back before that came out, and the internet entertainment news sites he pitched it to told him to take a walk. Is the Age of Ultron script just running around the internet at this point, or did Marvel illogically assume McWeeny would keep his mouth shut?
Critics visit movie sets all the time to be able to write pre-premiere reviews. I believe that McWeeney said he saw the ending on set.
I didn't necessarily get that from his comments. First he says he's heavily embargoed on what he can describe from his set visit, then he goes on to comment on the character in question's significant role throughout the movie and says a couple of very telling things about the third act, one general, one obviously specific.
I think "heavily embargoed" is the key here. He's obviously taking a calculated risk with what he has put out there, in that he's privy to an awful lot of detail about the film which he's (correctly) assuming that Marvel definitely won't want revealed. If Marvel do get heavy handed he could put the entire lot out, yes that would get Hitfix & Drew banned from Marvel sets & press junkets for all time, but in the short term Marvel would probably suffer greater damage, so I would imagine they'll let this one slide.

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