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July 01 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar visited the set of "Bones" in February. With a picture of SMG with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

"the picture that shows Sarah fitted snugly within his embrace, both clad in black clothes." "Sarah gushed about David" "Sarah gushed"

This is what I HATE about The Daily Mail - so much of the stuff they post is centered solely on completely off-the-mark "romantic" relationships! How about talking about their skills as actors, not whether David's arm is big enough for Sarah? If the Daily Mail has it right, every other word a woman utters is "gushed".

Also, love the irony of this: "Sarah is one of the fortunate ones who can keep the private life she shares with husband Freddie Prinze Jr and their children, Charlotte, four, and Rocky, 17 months, private [...] "I've never flaunted my private life, my fans have respected that" under a paparazzi shot of her private life."

Right under a paparazzi shot of her family.

Sorry, I had to vent. Still, nice picture of her and David.
Yeah, linking to articles that have paparazzi pics isn't our thing. So I've changed the link to the actual tweet.
I first saw the picture on on FB, and then did a search for something like "sarah michelle gellar visit bones" to get a better link. Not much to pick from :-(. Another option was this Examiner article that also included speculation about a Buffy movie.
Just to be clear - not remotely annoyed @quacky or anything, just showing my general hatred of the Daily Mail :)
I know @BeSound, no worries. :) I had hoped to find an article with more substance around the picture (which is indeed nice). The thought came to mind, "Oh no, was that a tabloid? I hope it's not." It had the set visit with Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green going for it.
BeSound - The Daily Mail is a hateful and wicked publication from blood under its hooves up to the horns on its head. To go through all of its ills would take an age. Bad writing with forced romantic insinuations come near the bottom of a long and horrifying list.
I think this thread is getting a bit derailed, so if we could get back to the topic then that would be appreciated.
I think the romantic insinuations are cool, when done by the actors, like the amazingly funny innuendo tweets between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who warmed the X-Files Fandom.

Many sorrows, still, for the Crazy Ones cancellation and that batman themed show of SMG didn't getting a chance.

Anybody knows if she would be doing a guest in Bones or this is just friends visit?
BeSound, to be fair, Sarah really has kept her personal life out of the tabloids, and the press in general, as much as any famous person can. Every once in a while we hear about what she's done for a charitable org., but basically never any gossip. So I say, "Go, Sarah!"
@Jocelyn - I know. I meant the irony of the paper saying she was private and then posting an unsolicited photo of her family.

Anyway, back on topic - good to see the two of them are still good friends :)
Maybe they're both vamps...because neither of them seem to age.

Thanks for the post.
She posted that photo in February, I'm surprised it wasn't already posted on here months ago?
I was surprised it wasn't posted either, after a few searches in the archives.

I think she was likely visiting Freddie Prinze Jr, who guest-starred recently on Bones. Would be fun if they added her in as Sealy's highschool gf. :-D
If she was just visiting Fred's shooting, her cameo could be in a lunch place, as a costumer talking randomly about vampires.
Not to derail it once again, but I have to say, my daughter and I just watched the S5 finale of Buffy. The show is, of course, blowing her mind in all sorts of ways, and I have to say that watching it again I am getting a huge kick out of how much Joss cribs from himself, to wonderful effect (we both looked at each other when Buffy picks up the Thor-ish hammer, much as we did a few nights ago when Xander drops his line about Avengers assembling in The Body--and these aren't even actual examples of said cribbing!). Anyway, sorry. Great shot of the three of them.
Would be nice to have her visit the set of "Bones" to, y'know, shoot an episode.
SMG apparently frequently visited the Bones' set this season. The Bones' set and The Crazy Ones' set were apparently housed on the same studio lot. According to SMG, in a number of interviews, she said that the food was better on the Bones' set. DB would invite her over whenever something good was on the menu.

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