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July 01 2014

Mark Ruffalo talks about the Hulk and many other things. Mark Ruffalo talked with Nigel M. Smith of Indiewire about things related and not related to "The Avengers."

Banner/Hulk is such an interesting dichotomy. It's similar in ways to Jekyll and Hyde, or Smeagol & Gollum. Or even Angel & Angelus - an "innocent" and "evil" side of the same person, "split" by whatever means, and having to coexist in the same body. I can see a movie about him coming to terms with this new version of himself, learning how to deal with what happens to his body and mind when he "Hulks out," and what Hulk thinks of Banner. The line about "the other guy" spitting out the bullet comes to mind.

I think it's fantastic that Andy Serkis is working with Mark - the way he literally threw himself into the role of Gollum was amazing. And the way that the technology developed as the original trilogy was filmed helped his performance immensely. Perhaps they're the pioneers of this new era of motion-capture acting.

I can't wait to see Hulk in the new movie; he certainly stole the first one!

"Puny god."
He's clearly read the comics and used them as food for thought on where the character should go. I like that. I think he's got a good handle on what the movie versions of the Hulk have had trouble with in the past.

This article also reinforces my impression that Mark Ruffalo is a super-nice guy.

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