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July 02 2014

Serkis to play a role in Avengers 2, but not one that has been announced. Drew McWeeny of Hitfix clarifies a rumor created by an interview Serkis did with Variety. The piece also contains details on James Spader's contribution to the film.

Huh... I interpreted the "playing a role" comment as playing a role in consulting (as in "having some limited direct involvement in the process") rather than literally playing a role in the film. Not sure if this clarified much for me.
That was my initial take as well - the consultant gig. Now I'm more the mind that Serkis will be mo-capped, though it's anyone's guess who he'd be playing since the two most obvious CGI's are already cast in Hulk and Ultron. I'd have guessed Thanos, but as it's confirmed he's appearing in GotG, I'm not sure why Serkis would just be starting now.

Looking forward to all the recent Avengers buzz building to a teaser trailer / footage debuting in San Diego (hopefully)
He is a pretty talented regular actor as well. It doesn't have to be something that requires a bodystocking and tracking points. Just saying.
His performance as Martin Hannett in 24 Hour Party People is one of my favourite pieces of acting ever. I'd love to see some of that intensity in a Joss movie.
He was also superb as Ian Dury in Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll.
He really is a very good actor (I loved him in "Einstein and Eddington", as Einstein, of all people). I'm hoping he'll get to show his face here. Either way, very exciting news!

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