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July 02 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #4. The "Where the River Meets the Sea" arc continues.

I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 4,"Where The River Meets The Sea Part IV."

I'm keeping this short but overall I enjoyed this issue.The Angel part was the focus this time and the reveal of Amy was a surprise I didn'r see coming although in retrospect should of since she like Pearl is someone who was an ally of Twilight and now would want payback from Angel.

Pearl's return was as expected.

Also Nadira,still not sure what to make of her.She seems to be an ally and I can buy why Angel would want to trust her.

The Pure Magic bit is interesting fallout from last season.

The Faith part was a small bit but is interesting setup for upcoming issues.The last we saw of Riley was at the beginning of season 9 at Buffy's party wasn't I?/I can understand why this would keep Faith around a little longer at Deepscan givne what she did in season 4 and would probably want to make up for it in someway.I'm actually really interested in this plot.

Not a bad issue and I continue to like the tone.
Yeah I enjoyed this issue and am really looking forward to seeing the returning characters. And it's probably been said before but I love the current artwork. They're really knocking it out of the park in it being both dynamic AND having pitch perfect likenesses!
Yay for Amy, although I didn't understand immediately why she was seeking revenge. Then of course, Twilight.
Not convinced at all about the Faith storyline, and especially Riley. Seriously, I never understood this character... :/
Wait & see.
Yeah, very solid issue. I didn't see Amy coming either. That's quite an interesting twist with the whole Magic Town concept: of course it's gonna call magical beings and witches towards it! I also liked the way they dispatched uber-Pearl. She's now lost both eyes, which makes her less and more dangerous at the same time, I think.
Well, on the bright side, Riley is missing. But Faith will go looking for him now so unfortunately he'll be found :D seriously, if there's one character I really have no desire whatsoever to see, it's Mr. Finn. Still, there's a lot of awkward history there so there's potential for interesting things.

Now, Amy, otoh, I'm delighted to see.
I'm enjoying the similarities between Faith and Buffy. They both messed up their first Deepscan job for kind of the same reasons, and they both are terrible with fire arms. Even the way she's trying to find a one liner in combat, it just hit me this issue how much of Buffy is in her.

Four issues in, and I'm feeling pretty good about this creative team. I wouldn't say they're knocking it out of the park like Gage and Isaacs did last season, but they are maintaining my interest and I look forward to what's to come.

It's hard reconciling who Nadira is with who she was. I haven't gotten used to it yet, but this version of her is certainly more likable than the old one, but has she really put her slayer life behind her?

Corky's fun, look forward to seeing him pop up in the story again.

Hope to see another magic smackdown between Amy and Willow at some point. It's always been fun seeing the main characters have a sort of rival. Like Spike was to Angel and Faith was to Buffy, Amy is to Willow. Though it doesn't look like we'll ever see an Amy redemption arc.

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