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July 02 2014

Preview an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic "The Chase". Looks like the full version will be available July 24. Something to tide fans over until September?

Mmmmmm... Huh?

So... who wants a likeness when you can give us this? No, seriously. Maybe I'm just too spoiled with the way Dark Horse handles whedonverse comics, but the likenesses in this preview (especially the women and Phil... I mean... at first I thought he was a bad guy in the first close-up) are dreadful at least. Apparently there are 2 more artists in there who might be more adept to portraying an actor's facial features, but I'm not convinced this will be an enjoying comicbook.

Even the writing sounded too out there. Has the writer watched the show, or just read a brief summary of the characters' descriptions? "Don't you like the beach, May?" When has Ward been so obvious? And maybe FitzSimmons conversations sound less funky on screen, but here they were plainly painful. And... THE TWINS??? I can't recall Phil saying anything like that.

In all fairness, I think I made it to page 7 before making up my mind. I expected more from Marvel, honestly.
My favorite line: "May will stand guard in the CT F Sport."

No shame.
Well, George Kitson is an assistant on AoS, however this seems like his 1st major writing credit.

Curious by the fact that there are a total of 3 pencillers involved, for a 21 page comic (Besides Greg Land as a cover artist). Preview pages seem to only include the sections by the 1st artist, but I found that the art wise it was fine for this section. Not matching likeness doesn't really bother me, it just reminds me of people going for pitchforks, after seeing Ryan Sook's work on Buffy ages ago or even people who were not fans of Jeanty's style.
So ... Will people have to pay to get this 21-page Lexus ad ? And if so, is it legal ?

Brr, just, brr. I don't wanna hear anybody complaining about Buffy season 8/9 after seeing this. EVER.

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Nissan Versa! YATTA!
In the past they've made these type of things free digitally, so I assume it will happen again. They had a Harley Davidson Avengers thing before.
This strikes me as something not unlike the movie tie-in comics, which hardly seem to be worth the glossy paper upon which they're printed.
Speaking of comics, though, I just started reading Fray and it's pretty great. Having recently finished watching Buffy and Angel, I'm looking forward to getting into the comics. I think I'm gonna read the after the fall series next.
After the Fall is fantastic. And chronologically, it takes place before Buffy Season 8. Great place to start.
The Dollhouse comics were pretty great. I think they may be my favorite comics tying in to a tv show. Just a few issues but sharp writing.
I read the dollhouse book and it didn't quite grip me the way I may have been expecting after the tv show impressed me so much. Fray is definitely doing it for me though. I'm glad to hear that after the fall is good too. I really wasn't ready for angel to end.

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