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July 05 2014

The six Joss Whedon geek girls who captured our hearts. Well that's according to PopSugar.

Can say yeah to all except 4. They made me like Skye, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to see her go. Missing Bennett (barely knew her and still broke me, JOSSSS!)

Would Tara be considered a geek girl?
Tara never showed any particular STEM knowledge, but she had the "nerdy" personality: unlike Skye, but like all these others. As well as Bennett you could add the often overlooked Ivy from Dollhouse. Other Non-STEM nerds include Dawn, Penny (also Vi and Mag, all being played by Felicia Day), and Rebecca from "In Your eyes"
Simmons 4 life!
Missing Bennett and Dr. Saunders…
Valantha, I thought the same thing. And maybe I shouldn't even go there, but why are they talking about "girls"?
Good point, Jocelyn, only Willow in the first few seasons really qualified for that title. And the excuse of alliteration only goes so far.

Tara was definitely a nerdy type, but in rather specialized fields. There was a whole series of jokes about that in "Family."
Yeah… I agree the excuse of alliteration only goes so far, but I quite enjoyed the inclusion of Jenny Calendar - I consider her sort of the Ur example of a Whedon Doomed Scientist, male or female…

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