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July 07 2014

Alan Tudyk on never playing the same role twice - except that one time. Alan Tudyk reflects on his career in The AV Club feature Random Roles.

What about Dollhouse? Alpha appeared a few times... I know I'm being that guy.
Great read. Interesting insights into those that run conventions and some actors getting stuck in a sci-fi ghetto. I hope she gets other opportunities soon.
Gosh. The "leaf on the wind" revelation -- that had never occurred to me, either. That's brilliant. Sad and brilliant.
I wonder if that was the intention with the "leaf on the wind" line? Wouldn't actually surprise me.
His interpretation never occurred to me. It makes perfect sense.
@stargyn, that was my thought too.
Holy crap. How many times have I watched Serenity without realising that a leaf on the wind is dead?! At least I'm not alone. There's comfort in that knowledge.
Yeah, that was a little mind blowing.
The leaf on the wind thing hadn't occured to me either!

Alan is such a talent. How he can go from light and funny to scary mean. Amazing performer.

Loved this interview! Thank you!
In death, a member of project mayhem leaf on the wind has a name. His name was Hoban Washburne.

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